Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Special Message to the Body of Christ in America and aboard....(Feb 21, 2015)

               My friends, America is at a crossroads. If you care about America, I invite you to join me as I fast and pray tomorrow for America, the church, the family and all other things that the Lord puts in my heart. This nation is in trouble and, only, as we seek him in spirit and truth will we see things turn around for the better.          
         Our family values are at sake. The threat of terrorism is a fact of life. Evil is being called good and good is called evil. Ungodly mixture is stepping inside the church. We, as a church, need to evaluate ourselves. America still has a chance but we are at a crossroads.
                Also, pray for those who are being martyred for their faith. Many dear brothers and sisters are being killed or put in prison for their faith overseas.  Pray for Jerusalem and Israel to stand strong and protected from its enemies.So, take some time to listen to this very important message and if the Lord leads, join me tomorrow as we fast and pray for America. Also, feel free to contact me through this blog with your prayer requests. I want to pray for you. God bless. 

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