Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Using the force of Joy!

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             Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.
                                       (Isa 12:3) (2) 

                             As you look at this picture, you may ask---What does Star wars have to do with the force of joy?  Let me add some analogies from this picture to the word. The apostle Paul did his analogy of the armor of the believer from observing a Roman soldier and I am drawing from this picture to make a few powerful points. If you are into Science fiction and are a true Star wars fan, you are familiar with the saying May the Force be with you. As I started to look at google search concerning this word ( I wanted to quote it right), I saw a poster which reads Keep calm and may the force be with you. 
                         If you are saved, God has given us powerful tools to be able to walk in victory and overcome in the affairs of life. We are not passing through waiting for the rapture and escaping the problems of life. The Christian life is not to go through a chain of endless suffering, put a stiff upper lip and when life is over---Make it to the sweet by and by. We can have heaven on earth and enjoy God's best that life has to offer. (Deut 11:21) 
                    I am,not, saying that you will not go through. Everyone will have afflictions in life but I will add that our God believes in happy endings. Many in the body talks about the endless trials of Job but did you know that in the end, Job had victory and God gave him double for his trouble? (Job 42:10) God will lead you to seasons of rest and then prepare you for the next trial. Remember the greater the trial, the greater the rewards.
                     For the Christian, the force is, already, within us. He lives in us. The word says that greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. Many times, I cringe when I hear people saying---Come by here, Holy Spirit. We need to be God-inside minded. We need to see that he lives in us and he is the force that will overcome any obstacle, challenge or problem. We, just, need to learn to release that force to work on our behalf. 
                   We talk about putting on the armor and yes, we can quote his promises and put his armor in a spiritual sense every day but did you know that when you pray in the Holy Spirit , you are being clothed in his armor? (Luke 24:49---Darby's version) That is why Satan fights against speaking in tongues. People are talking about gun control and the government confiscating many law-abiding citizen's guns but there is a greater tragedy when many well known Christian leaders talk against praying in tongues. The devil takes advantage of that ignorance and leaves many naked and vulnerable exposing them to a series of attacks on their families, health, etc.
                               Releasing the force of joy
                Joy is a powerful force. One preacher said that is is the highest form of faith. Why? Because as we rejoice in God, we are drawing from the waters of Salvation. Salvation is not just dying and going to heaven. The Greek definition of Salvation includes deliverance from sickness, poverty and the elements of his world. As you rejoice in the Lord and thank him for his promises in spite of the circumstances, you are drawing from the waters of Salvation. The power of God that is available to turn circumstances in your favor.(Ps 37:4)
                    God used the power of joy when he delivered his people from Egypt. Yes,before the Jews left Egypt, it got worse before it got better but God himself did not look at the circumstances but rejoiced in the victory. Many well-meaning Christians lose the battle when they are so close to victory. Don't allow the devil to steal your faith---Rejoice and stay in there until you see the victory! That joy released the Jews from sickness and they left with great riches. (Ps 105:37--The living Bible) God will do no less for you!

                       Laughing is part of joy

                    Many criticize the laughing part of joy but that is a part of rejoicing in him. God laughed at his enemies and if you are a believer, he is laughing at your enemies because you are in covenant with him. In Bible times, when you were in the presence of a king, you had better laugh with him even if you did not understand the joke. (Ps 2:4) 
                In fact, did you know that Job could have shortened his trial? How? One of his friends (Eliphaz) said something interesting. Notice the verse below...

At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh: neither shalt thou be afraid of the beasts of the earth. (Job 5:22) 

Had Job stopped looking at his circumstances and rejoiced, his trial could have been shortened. That is why we need each other. Attending a good church with a spirit-filled Pastor can make a difference. So, whether you sing, jump or dance. Whether you laugh or run around the church, you are releasing the force within you. Medical studies have determined that at least 10 minutes of laughter can improve your health. Can you imagine what Holy Laughter will do? So,be encourage and know that the force is within you and is waiting for you to release it through joy! 

Prayer--Father, forgive me for complaining. Give me revelation knowledge on who I am in Christ and what belongs to me. I thank you that my testings are becoming my testimonies and my trials are my triumph. I will release the power of joy that is inside me. I will pay no attention at what my circumstances are saying. Your promises are yea and amen. That anointing is destroying all yokes and lifting up my burdens. I am at peace because my circumstances are not the last word. I am more than a conqueror and your word says that  you cause me to always triumph in Christ Jesus. My future looks bright and I will thank and praise you. Thank you for restoring the joy of Salvation and bringing laughter back into my life. In Jesus name...AMEN! 

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(2) Bible verses courtesy of www.biblegateway.com


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