Friday, June 2, 2017

Fighting your battles the right way.

                           Be ready to fight your battles. 

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses. (I Tim 6:12)

                              How do I get my prayers answered? That seems to be the enigma within the body of Christ. On one hand, we have the promises of God to bless us but on the other, we have the circumstances talking to us and dictating the opposite. It is a fight, no doubt about it. Many of you may be hitting that wall but there is hope. Let's take a close look about the good fight of faith.
                              First, we are not taking the fight to Satan. Jesus has defeated him at the cross and he has been stripped naked. Our responsibility is to dress for success. Put on the whole armor and be ready to fight. Many times, certain battles just takes speaking the word--It is written and we add a verse to it. Victory comes as a result and we are rejoicing. The next time, another test comes, we use the same technique and nothing happens. We keep speaking the word until we turn blue in the face and nothing happens. Do we give up at this point and make a stupid excuse to justify this defeat? 
                              At this point, we bring this matter to the Lord as a mystery. We pray in tongues over this and listen to his voice. The word of God tells us that when we pray these mysteries to him, we should pray for the interpretation. (I Cor 14:2,13) I guarantee you that when we do this, he will bring an answer to us sooner or later. Brethren, another area to consider is our minds. Renewing the mind is so important to us. Thoughts, feeling and emotions is where Satan manipulates us if we let him. We need to control our thoughts in the heat of battle. 
                         We need to, constantly, fill our minds with the word so that worry nor anxiety does not rob us of our promises with God. We need to allow an image of victory that comes from our inner being (Spirit) and let it override our minds. When the soul (mind) and spirit work together, it is a powerful force.
The enemy wants our mind but we are not going to let him have it because it belongs to Christ. Bind the enemy and put him under your feet. 
                        The next battlefield is in court. Does not the word says enter into his courts with praise? This is the highest place in which you can take your battles. Many precious brethren have had petitions that have not been answered for 20 or 30 yrs. The buck stops at the court but we have to have a proper protocol in which to approach God and argue our case. If you want to learn more about approaching the courts of God, check out my last blog post.(1) It is, truly, an eye opener.  Since I applied this technique, I have seen some breakthroughs taking effect and it can happen to you, too. God bless.