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A nation turns to God!

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"And the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time, saying,
 Arise, go unto Nineveh, that great city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee." (Jonah 3:1-2)

                     In our last study, we saw how Jonah ran from the call of God. His hardness of heart was reflected when he took a ship to Tarshish (Modern day Spain) and fell asleep along the way, not caring nor being convicted of fleeing from the call of God. God, in his love, did not give up on Jonah. He allowed a storm to come his way to call his attention, but still, Jonah was asleep. 
        It was not until one of the men woke him up and called upon him to pray. This would have been a wonderful opportunity for Jonah to preach the word and win souls. The sad thing was that he kept silent and did not care to share his faith. It wasn't until by the hand of God that he was found out. 
         The incredible thing was that, even, when he was found out, he preferred suicide than be obedient to God. It was not until a fish, most likely a whale, swallowed him that he was faced with reality. Instead of a fast death, Jonah was facing a slow and painful death inside of the whale's belly.
         God knows how to get our attention and praise be to his name that he never gives up on us. Jonah was facing a last call...a last chance and then all bets would be off. He would face eternal damnation because of his disobedience.When faced with this, he cried out to God in his"hell". He repented, trusted and praised him in the midst of his "hell". Friend, God can deliver you from your "hell", if you trust and praise him. We, all, know what happened---The whale had heartburn and vomited him out. 
               Tradition has us thinking that Jonah came out nice and fresh and went out to preach, but nothing could be further than the truth. I have read reports of people that had been swallowed by a whale. Their skin turned pure white and, in some cases, they lose their hair. Can you imagine how Jonah looked when he came out?
                    Notice in the above verse. God give him a command for the second time. Thank God for second chances. God is willing to give us all the time of the world if it would make a difference. Jonah was smart and walked out to Nineveh. Can you imagine the spectacle that Jonah caused? His condition called the people to attention. 
                      What does that tell us? When we go to preach, we need to trust God because he has a plan. We hear of street preachers preaching gloom and doom but without no demonstration of God's power. Brethren, I am not against preaching gloom and doom and if that what God has called you---more power to you! The thing that concerns me is that God's word is preached with signs and wonders. 
                   Jonah was a wonder in his condition, but God did not leave him  that way. I believe that during his preaching, his skin started to change colors and that amazed the people. They saw a demonstration of his power! No wonder they took heed and repented. They saw signs and wonders. 
               Recently, our church went out to evangelize near a store. God gave our Senior Pastor favor and we were allowed to put tables and chairs near the entrance. As the people entered the store, all we asked them was if they needed prayer. The reaction was mixed, but we had some good results. Friends, the word says he that winneth souls is wise. 
              The world is looking for answers and if they can get a taste of God with signs and wonders, your church will be full. Jesus demonstrated this principle when he preached to the multitudes through signs and wonders. So, friend, as you share your faith, be open to the gifts of the spirit.
            You will be surprised at the results you can get. In Russia, they were cases of churches being formed overnight, just like in the book of Acts. Who knows if the Lord might raise you up to form a church? So, the word in this day is to preach the word with signs and wonders following...A world is waiting for good news! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Las palabras tienen poder!

           "Hijo mío, está atento a mis palabras; Inclina tu oído a mis razones. No se aparten de tus ojos; Guárdalas en medio de tu corazón; Porque son vida a los que las hallan,Y medicina a todo su cuerpo. (Prov 4:20-22)

    En este devocional, quiero compartir algunos pensamientos con ustedes. Las palabras tienen poder. Tenemos que tener cuidado como hablamos porque nuestras palabras pueden dar vida o muerte. Palabras habladas en un momento de enojo o contiendas pueden hacer daños, especialmente en nuestros hijos. Si te paseas por las carceles, encontraran que muchos son hijos(a) de predicadores de la palabra. Lo mas probable es que han sido heridos por las palabras de sus Padres o un ser querido.
            Hnos y Hnas, las palabras pueden construir o destruir. Es un hecho cientifico que las palabras pueden mejorar o destruir su salud dependiendo de cómo se habla. Los científicos han encontrado que la vida y sus formas fueron creadas por el sonido. ¿De dónde el sonido viene? Palabras? ¿Quién dijo estas palabras? Dios! (Gen 1)
                La palabra de Dios es poderosa. Observe lo que dice --- atento a mis palabras! Cuando se lee la palabra de Dios, no lo lea como si estuvieras leyendo un periódico. Medite y estudie la palabra. Dale tu atención porque es Dios que te esta hablando. Dios te esta hablando 24/7 en su palabra.
                  El siguiente paso es inclinar tu oído. En otras palabras, deten y tome un tiempo para escucharlo. Cuando leas la palabra, lealo a voz alta y medite en ella. La Pabra dice que la fe viene por el oír y el oír por la palabra de Dios. Nosotros no nos gusta la repetición, pero la palabra de Dios es repetitivo. ¿Por qué? Dios quiere que su palabra heche raices en nuestro corazones para poder cambiar nuestra mente, carne e incluso las circunstancias. La palabra es poderosa!
                                Cuando salga de su corazón, tendra vida propia. Esa vida se manifesta como poder para sanar y  cambiar sus circunstancias, así que decide en este día, que la palabra tendrá el primer lugar en su vida. Pase tiempo en la palabra. Al fin y al cabo, le beneficiara y le brindara bendiciones de lo alto. 

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To Hell and back!

                         "For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth." (Matt 12:40)

                            In our last devotional, we saw how sin had hardened Jonah's heart. How he was so comfortable in his disobedience that he fell asleep and did not notice a storm coming his way. In spite of the circumstances of life, Jonah was hard headed and would not repent. To make a long story short, he was thrown overboard from the ship where he was traveling and swallowed by a fish (Most likely a whale).
                            It is interesting that our Lord Jesus compared himself to Jonah. Jonah was in the belly of the whale 3 days and 3 nights. Can you imagine the "hell" that he was going through? A world of darkness and his skin decaying with the digestive juices inside the whale's belly? No doubt, Jonah was in constant pain and agony. 
                     In the midst of his agony, he cried out to God. He made his peace with him and God gave the whale heartburn and he winded up spitting  Jonah out to shore. Our Lord Jesus went through a similar experience but on a most intense level. He was in hell 3 days and 3 nights. The fact of the matter is that Jesus was not buried underground as some would conclude in Matt 12:40 because he was buried in a cave, but this speaks of hell.(1) Jesus went into hell. Why? To pay for our sins and rescue the Old testament saints 
                   My favorite boxer is Muhammad Ali. He used the power of confession to his advantage. He would talk and intimidate his opponents on a consistent basis. After a while, he would wind up beating them. When he fought George Foreman, he used the technique called rope-a-dope. George Foreman, who was the most feared fighter of his time, was punching at Ali's body constantly until he got tired. Ali had taken all of his punches and now it was his turn. Brilliantly attacking a worn out Foreman, Ali made his move and decked him to win the Heavyweight championship of the world! 
                       Rope-a-dope is nothing new. Our Lord Jesus did a "rope-a-dope" with the devil. He took his best punches in hell. When the time was up, Jesus attacked and defeated Satan and his legions of hell,but that was not all. The saints had a front row seat on the fight of the millennium and winded up leaving with the champion, but not before Jesus paraded them on display showing their defeat. It was better than the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade! (2)
                          In looking at the life of Jonah and Jesus, what was their secret? What brought them out of their hell and agony? Praise and thanksgiving! In both cases, they used the power of praise to blast the hell out of their lives!  Glory to God! So, friends, rejoice. I don't know what private "hell" you are going through, but Jesus can get you out of it. Just ask the Father to deliver you and start thanking him for the victory! Your test will be your testimony and God will be glorified in your life. God bless! 

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Bible references: Jonah 2 and Ps 16: 9-11

(1) Eph 4:9 and Eph 4:8
(2) Col 2:15 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Are you asleep?

                                          Awake thou that sleepest--Eph 5:14

Then the mariners were afraid, and cried every man unto his god, and cast forth the wares that were in the ship into the sea, to lighten it of them. But Jonah was gone down into the sides of the ship; and he lay, and was fast asleep." (Jonah 1:5)

                           We, all, like to hear the story of how Jesus slept when he was in the midst of a storm. How he was awaken by his fearful disciples. I like to think of Jesus as the King of "Cool"----He was not fearful but spoke that word and calmed that storm. Jonah on the other hand was not "cool" with God. 
        Jonah was a prophet, but he was backslidden. Why? He was given a command to go to Nineveh and speak out against their sins. Nineveh was a dangerous place to be. These people would kill you and think nothing of it. I used to remember some years ago, not far from my neighborhood, we had some Christians standing on a corner and speaking out against sin. They did it for years and all of a sudden, it stopped. 
             Perhaps many people were glad to see them go. Maybe the city pressured them to stop. Whatever the reason, they stopped but thank God they did not get roughed up or killed. Now in this day and time, people do not like to hear about sin. If you are not careful, you could get killed. Maybe Jonah had his reasons. Maybe he thought about his life. Maybe he hated the Ninevites, but whatever the reason, he ran away and went to the other side.
               The word says that he went the other way and departed from the presence of God. (1) Bad mistake. Never run from the presence of God. It is your life source. Second, he paid a fare on a ship to get away from the presence of God. Never sell out the anointing of God in your life. I remember in years past, Motown records had some great talents. A lot of these groups and singers started in the church and some of them ended in drugs and tragedy. The world offered them fame, as well as fortune and what they got was death and disaster. 
                  When you depart from your calling and duties, you wind up affecting people. Jonah got on a ship and because of his disobedience, the word said that God sent out a storm. People who were in the ship feared for their lives. Jonah's disobedience affected a group of people, but notice what was his reaction. HE WENT TO SLEEP! Bad choice. 
                    God was calling his attention. Why? Because he loved Jonah. God loves you and me and sometimes, when we walk in disobedience, he calls our attention allowing the storms of life to shake us. Unfortunately, Jonah's heart was so hardened to sin that he fell into complacency and was asleep, but not for long. He was awakened by his shipmates.
                      Jonah tried to hide the fact that he was a believer. He was not interested in repentance nor reaching out to the people in the ship. His heart was hardened, but God says your sins will find you out(2). There is a saying---You can run but you can't hide. When it was found out that Jonah was a believer and his disobedience caused the storm, the Jig was up! 
                      Notice to what extent his heart was hardened. He missed the opportunity to repent, he missed the chance for God to calm the storm and he missed the chance to get new converts for the Lord God Almighty. What did he do? He said---Throw me overboard and the storm will calm down. A spirit of suicide came upon him, but the sad case is that Jonah did not care.
                    Brethren, God will forgive sin and disobedience. He is merciful, but a constant pattern of sinning without repentance will cause indifference and harden your heart. If God has called you to do something, harden not your hearts. Your life and the lives of your loved ones can be at stake. Tomorrow, we will look more at the life of Jonah--God bless. 

Bible references: (1) Jonah 1:3, (2) Numbers 32:23 and Jonah 1
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Estan tus problemas hablandote?

"Al día siguiente, cuando salieron de Betania, tuvo hambre.
 Y viendo de lejos una higuera que tenía hojas, fue a ver si tal vez hallaba en ella algo; pero cuando llegó a ella, nada halló sino hojas, pues no era tiempo de higos.  Entonces Jesús dijo a la higuera: Nunca jamás coma nadie fruto de ti. Y lo oyeron sus discípulos." (Mark 11:12-14) 

Esta es la pregunta que debe preguntarte en este día. Nuestros problemas nos están hablando día y noche. Nuestra sociedad está llena de estrés y ansiedad. No es  extraño que los ataques al corazón es el primero en la lista de salud, pero hay buena noticias. La Biblia tiene todas las respuestas a nuestros problemas.
                       Al leer Marcos 11:12-14, Jesús empezo su dia con malas noticias. Él queria desayuno y tenia hambre. En los tiempos biblicos, se comian higueras. Esas higueras eran muy delicioso y popular. Ahora, en este tiempo, vamos a un Hardees o McDonald para el desayuno y comemos un poco de tocino, huevos y café. Un buen desayuno nos puede costar como $5 o mas dolares! 
                    ¿ Imaginate no ir al Hardees porque tienes tu carro danado? Imaginates que tienes una llanta mala y al momento de arreglarlo, no puedes comer su desayuno porque es muy tarde. Tienes que apresurarte para ir al trabajo. Eso es un mal día!
                           Jesús no fue la excepción. Quería encontrar unos deliciosos higueras, pero no estaban allí. Si lees esto detenidamente--La higuera le hablo. Le dijo que no tenia higueras. Dice la palabra que Jesus le contesto y le hablo------- le dijo que no habra higos para usted. Esa palabra era tan fuerte que se fue a la raíz del árbol y lo seco. 
                         ¿Estas atravezando por un desafío financiero? Aunque lo creas o no, la falta de plata le está hablando. Has recibido un informe malo para la salud? La falta le esta hablando. En este día, le animo a que renueves tu entendimiento a la Palabra de Dios. Responde a la falta con la palabra para ir profundo a la raíz de su problema y darte la victoria --- Que Dios los bendiga!  


                                          Retrato de una Higuera--       

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Where are you seated?

          Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.(Ps 1:1)

                        As I read this, my mind begins to ponder? Where are we seated? I know the word says that I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, but if we are not careful, we can be seated in the wrong seat. As a kid, growing up in New York, we used to play a game called musical chairs. We would listen to a 45 record and have 5 persons walking around 4 chairs. When the music stopped, one of us would be left out. 
                       Many of us may be playing "musical chairs" dancing to the tune of the world. Ps 1:1 puts this in three ways---Walk, Stand and Sit. One way to measure success is to hang out with successful people. When you walk with people who are negative, you will wind up being negative. Sometimes, we need to make radical changes in our relationships. 
                        Jesus showed this principal with Jairus daughter. This attack on faith confession is nothing new. It's been here since biblical times. Jesus made a faith statement (1). He came unto a girl that was dead, but did not call her dead. Why? Because he saw in his mind the girl healed. Yes, it was a fact that she was dead but Jesus was speaking of those things that are not as though they were(2). A strong evidence that the word can change circumstances.
                             Yet, some people were laughing at him. They were standing in the way of sinners with their unbelief. They were sitting in the seat of the scornful with their mocking and ridicule. What did Jesus do? Did he get offended? No. He did something radical. He threw them all out! A far cry from a picture of what the world has of Jesus. Jesus was no happy go lucky, easy going, everything goes person. Jesus told it like it is. Jesus stepped on some toes. 
                         Unbelief is like a sickness. If you go to a church where the Pastor embraces unbelief and religion, you better seek the face of God. It can weaken your faith and if you are not careful, you might be seated in the wrong seat. Jesus knew where he was seated. He had confidence in the word and did not worry what would others thought of him. He did the right thing.
                             It was evident in this because his faith started to work and give the end results. He knew his place with the Father and that is why it is important to be seated with him. In this world of the rat race, we play musical chairs, stepping on others and cheating to get ahead in life and leave the others behind to fend for themselves. With God, you don't have to play musical chairs because there is room for one more. 
                        So praise God and dance for him. Be mindful of his benefits because you have a future with him. Jesus is still Lord and you are seated with him in heavenly places. What seat will you choose today? God bless. 

Bible references: (1)  Mark 5:22-23, 35-42 (2) Heb 11:3
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Cuando tienes a Jesus, lo tienes todo!

Antes, en todas estas cosas somos más que vencedores por medio de aquel que nos amó.   (Rom 8:37) 

¿Cuál es la primera cosa que viene a tu mente cuando escuchas el nombre ---- Jesús? ¿Un buen hombre? ¿Un hombre sabio? Para algunos, una persona que no existe. He venido a decirte que el nombre de Jesús es más que eso. Jesus existe y su palabra tiene poder.
              La palabra dice que Gustad, y ver que bueno es Jehová. Les puedo hablar todo el día sobre la manzana, pero si no lo has probado, no sabrás a que sabe. Muchos se enojan con Dios porque su oración no fue contestada, pero he venido a decirte que Dios, todavía, contesta las oraciones. El único requisito es que usted tiene que seguir las instrucciones en su libro --- La palabra de Dios!
               Tal vez algunos que lean este articulo creen que no estoy en la realidad, pero he llegado a decirte que Jesús es real. Cuando Ud le invita en su corazón, lo tienes todo. ¿Cómo? Por esta simple palabra --- Sabiduría! El mundo está en busca de la sabiduría. Una de las definiciones de la sabiduría es conseguir respuestas a problemas complejos.
                La palabra nos dice que Cristo se hizo para nosotros sabiduría. (I Corintios 1:30) Eso significa que cuando usted acepta a Jesús como su Señor y Salvador, El se convierte en sabiduría. Piense en esto - Tienes una persona sabia que vive dentro de ti! La palabra dice que usted tiene la mente de Cristo. La palabra Cristo significa la unción, y sabemos que su poder pudre el yugo del enemigo!
                   Eso no quiere decir que la vida ser color de rosas. Habrá desafíos - Habrá pruebas! ¿Por qué? Debido a que vivimos en un mundo caído. Muchos cristianos han caido y algunos terminan en instituciones mentales --- ¿Por qué? Debido a que han permitido que las circunstancias lo derroten! Lo que usted no sabe puede hacerle daño a usted! El pueblo de Dios tiene que saber lo que tienen en Cristo.
                     Hay que dejar que la mente de Cristo se manifeste y le ayude en su vida. ¿Cómo? En primer lugar, pidale por la sabiduría. Cuando haces eso, esa sabiduría que está dentro de ti se levantará y te dara respuestas. Otra forma es a través de la oración. Dedique tiempo a solas con él. Practique estar en silencio y escuchar su voz.
                      Otra forma es a través de la confesión de la palabra. La palabra, en sí, tiene el poder que le dara la sabiduría. Levantarse todos los días y confese la mente de Cristo. Confiese que eres sabio(a). Confiesa que eres su oveja. Cuando nos identificamos con él, podrás ver el resultado final. No importa lo que está pasando en la vida, recuerda que Dios conoce el fin desde el principio --- USTED ES MÁS QUE UN VENCEDOR!

Oración --- Señor, gracias por tu palabra. Confieso que en el día de hoy que tengo la mente de Cristo. Confieso que soy su oveja y escucho su voz. Soy prudente y siempre haga las decisiones correctas. Yo no seré movido por las circunstancias, ya que están sujetas a cambios. Su palabra es fuerte y va a cambiar las circunstancias para cumplirse con su palabra. No puedo perder porque soy más que un vencedor. En el nombre de Jesús --- ¡Amén!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The unjust judge!

                       " Saying, There was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man:  And there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary. And he would not for a while: but afterward he said within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man;
 Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me. And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith.
 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?  I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"
                         (Luke 18:2-8)

                  This story has been preached in many churches. We see a widow who is determined to get justice and wears out this judge in her plea, finally getting her petition answered. A wonderful story with a happy ending, but unfortunately, one that has been misunderstood in the field of prayer. What I like is that it compares prayer to a courtroom setting and God is the judge of all things.
             The word of God tells us that Satan is the accuser of the Brethren. He goes to the court of heaven accusing us day and night before the father. (1) What should be our approach when we go to the court of heaven in prayer? The word says to enter his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise. Why? Because, we have the best attorney that money can buy. We have Jesus!
              In looking at this passage, I want to point out the gross misunderstanding of God and prayer! We think that if we continue to ask and ask that eventually, God is going to get tired of us and wind up giving us what we ask. Nothing could be further than the truth.
                First of all, how dare we compare the Judge of the earth to a unjust Judge? Luke 18:7-8 denotes this contrast. He said that God will avenge them speedily, in other words, we don't have to wear him down with our crying and groveling. Why? It's already done. (2) God has given us all things that pertains unto life. (II Peter 1:3) 
               So, we can walk in that courtroom, give thanks, as well as praise to God for our promises, then look at Satan and say----In your face! Why? Because Jesus has won our case. His evidence? His hands and body indicating our salvation and precious promises for us! 
              Bear in mind that for each promise, Satan will fight you so that you can give up and walk away. I remember hearing about inheritances that would take years before they were given to the right parties. We have an inheritance with the Lord and we don't have to settle for red tape.
                   Yes, God has its seasons, but when we get kingdom minded---All will change. We don't have to worry about time because God has no time. We can be in a area of expectancy and see his promises come to pass at any time. Do you visualize yourself with God's promises? Then, stop asking him and expect a breakthrough. Your lawyer Jesus Christ has won your case! God bless.

 (1) Rev 12:10
 (2) II Peter 1:3

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Estas embarazada con tu fe?

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    "La mujer cuando da a luz, tiene dolor, porque ha llegado su hora; pero después que ha dado a luz un niño, ya no se acuerda de la angustia, por el gozo de que haya nacido un hombre en el mundo." (Juan 16:21)

Fe! Una palabra maravillosa! En estos tiempos, hemos oído muchas enseñanzas ungidas del Señor y muchos de nosotros hemos conseguido milagros maravillosos como resultado de esas enseñanzas. Yo, al igual que muchos otros en el pueblo de Dios, he visto ocasiones en las que hemos obtenido respuestas a nuestras oraciónes, pero tarde o temprano, nos llega un atraso. Llegamos a una pared.
     ¿Qué hacemos cuando llegamos a esa pared? Algunos de nosotros nos desanimamos. Otras veces, nos enojamos con Dios. Algunos incluso dicen que no es la voluntad de Dios para tener sus promesas. Pero, amigo(a), la palabra de Dios es --- Sí y Amén (1) Dios no es hombre para que mienta. Si esa promesa  está en su palabra, sin duda vendrá a pasar.
                  Muchas veces creemos que Jesus no esta oyendo nuestras peticiones. Hnos y Hnas, Jesús hizo lo que tenía que hacer en la cruz. Él está sentado a la diestra del Padre intercediendo por nosotros para que podamos ser capaces de obtener una revelación de su palabra. Él nos ha dado todas las cosas que pertenecen a la vida y a la piedad (2). Todo lo que necesitas ya está hecho por medio de la cruz!
                                  Si esto es así--- ¿Porqué no lo tenemos? Amigo(a), las promesas de Dios no van a caer del cielo para ti. Hay una batalla de la fe. Tenemos que pelear la buena batalla de la fe para obtener victoria. Un ejemplo clasico es la salvación. Jesús murió por el mundo y compró la salvación. De hecho, él no quiere que nadie perezca sino que todos procedan al arrepentimiento. (II Pedro 3:9) Muchas veces pensamos que todo lo que Dios quiere se cumplira, pero no es asi. ¿Porqué? Porqué primero, Dios respeta la voluntad humana y segundo hay que recibir Cristo como Salvador.(Juan 1:12) No basta con solo creir. 
                                  Asi que Cristo da el ejemplo por medio de la salvacion. Creir en sus promesas y recibirlas para ser salvo.Empeza con su boca. Una la usa para recibir salvacion por medio de la declaracion de su fe. De hecho, ese es el patrón que Dios espera que usemos en la oración. Cuando oramos, debemos recibir su palabra y sus promesas. Aprendamos a batallar usando la palabra de Dios que es nuestra espada. 
                       Cuando las circunstancias se levantan contra ti y empiezan a hablarle, tienes que responder, hablando la palabra de Dios. No dejes que las circumstancias tengan la ultima palabra! Un buen ejemplo es María. Cuando fue visitada por el ángel Gabriel, recibió la palabra. Ella no discutió con el ángel, ni se permitió ser intimada por las circunstancias. Ella, simplemente, recibió la palabra y quedó embarazada. (3)
                                       ¿Has orado y orado, sólo para ver que va de mal en peor? ¿Has confesado las promesas de Dios hasta que esté azul en la cara, sin ver ningún resultado? Permitame hacerle una surgencia.-- Usted puede estar embarazada con su fe! Desde un punto espiritual, cuando tu recibe la palabra de Dios, eso crece dentro de ti y cuando la promesa está a punto de salir y cumplirse, hay dolores de parto. Esos dolores se ponen peor cuando la promesa va a salir. Pero, a la misma vez, es buena noticias porque la promesa esta para cumplirse. 
                                     ¿Ves la foto de la señora que esta embarazada? Mire su cara. Esta contenta y feliz. Eso es lo que debemos hacer, incluso en medio de las tristezas y el dolor. Tenemos que empujar para que salga las promesas. Necesitamos ser fuerte! ¿Cómo obtenemos la fuerza? El gozo del Señor es nuestra fortaleza! (4) Alégrate, canta y empezar a danzar. Vea la promesa como ya hecho, y créeme, dentro de un corto período de tiempo, daras a luz a esa promesa.
                                      Por lo tanto, no te rindas. Pelea la buena batalla de la fe. El diablo ha sido derrotado y con un canto en su corazón, su manifestación de las promesas de Dios seguramente sucederá. Antes de terminar, permítanme terminar con lo siguiente --- Mi hijo y su esposa se separaron hace 6 años. Las personas cercanas a mí me decían que ya dejen de orar por ellos, y ciertamente, se puso peor. Tenia dolores de parto. Pero algo sucedio---Después de seis años, volvieron juntos.
                             Muchas veces, nos damos por vencidos y dicimos --- Bueno, esa debe ser la voluntad de Dios para mí. No, Hermanos (a), empuje y gozate en el Senor. No tengas un aborto espirtual, pero determine en su corazon que vera las promesas de Dios. Acerdate---- El gozo del Señor es tu fortaleza! Que Dios los bendiga!

Escrituras --- (1) I Corintios 1:20
                      (2) II Pedro 1:3
                      (3) Lucas 1:38

                      (4) Neh 8:10

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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Power of Joy!

                                   Be on the winning team--Don't lose your joy!

         "Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation."
                                                (Isa 12:3)

               What is joy? Many confuse joy with happiness. Happy comes from happenstance which means a circumstance that is due to chance. (1) We, all know, that the being happy is dictated by the circumstances. When all goes well, we are happy. When it does not, we are sad. Joy is different.
               Joy is a fruit of the spirit.(2) Feeling weak? Start singing songs and dance for the Lord. Remember the joy of the Lord is your strength! (3) But, you may say---I don't feel like being joyful. It is not based on a feeling, but on what the word says. One thing to remember when you are going through a trial or testing----God knows the end from the beginning. YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR THROUGH HIM THAT LOVED US! (4)
                That means that you are on the winning team! That means that your circumstances can change if you use the word by faith. Feeling dry? Start using that joy to bring out the waters of salvation! Isa 12:3 says that you have a well inside of you! That well is Jesus! That well is never dry!
                  That well will encourage and refresh you! We need to be covenant-minded in order to understand joy. Having health or financial issues? Dealing with stress and anxieties? Learn to laugh at your problems. You have a covenant with God through Jesus, our Lord! Learn to laugh at your enemies of sickness, debt, financial oppression,stress and anxieties. God does.
                  When you read Ps 2, you will find that God laughs at his enemies. You should, too! Why? When you have a covenant with God, your enemies become his enemies. Be encouraged because you matter with God. You have a friend in high places. When I saw the Godfather movie, I remember Vito Coleone saying that if you had him as a friend, your enemies would fear you! (5) Vito Coleone was a powerful mafia man with friends in high places. He had the muscle and he had the connections. 
                     How much more with God? Jesus is Lord over all! A point to remember is when a king laughed and you were in his court, you'd better laugh even if you did not understand the joke. Your life could be at stake if you did not laugh. It was a sign of disrespect. Friend, let's see the whole picture! You win with God----Hands down, so learn to laugh at your problems. 
                  Laughter is healthy and will improve your health. Medical science says that if you laugh for 10 minutes daily, your health will improve. Learn to understand the power of Joy.(6) Joy took the children of Israel out of bondage and it will with you too! So, friend, let not your heart be troubled. Rejoice for you have the victory. Learn to activate the joy that lies inside of you. You'll be glad you did--God bless! 

Verses provided by


 (2) Gal 5:22
 (3) Neh 8:10
 (4) Rom 8:37  
 (6) Ps 105:43                  

Friday, August 2, 2013

Do you have pregnant faith?

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" A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world." (John 16:21)

                                     Faith! A wonderful word! In this day and age, we have heard great faith teachings and many of us have gotten wonderful breakthroughs. I, as well as many others in the body, have seen times in which we have gotten answers to prayer after prayer until we hit that wall. What happens when we hit that wall? Some of us get discouraged. Other times, we get mad at God. Some would even say that it is not God's will to have his promises.
                                But, friend, God's word is--- Yea and Amen (1) God is not a man that he should lie. If its a promise that is in his word, it will surely come to pass. In fact, Jesus did what he had to in the cross. He is seated on the right hand of the Father interceding for us so that we may be able to get a revelation of his word. He has given us ALL things that pertain to life and godliness (2). All that you need is already given to you!
                                  If that is so, why don't we have it? Friend, God's promises are not going to fall down from heaven to you. There is a fight of faith. Take for example, salvation. Jesus  died for the world and purchased salvation. In fact, he is not willing that any perish but that all come to repentance. So, what is the problem?
                                  Again, the promises of God are not going to fall down on you from heaven---You have a part to do and that is to receive his word. Receiving Jesus as your Savior opens the door to salvation and it starts with your mouth. In fact, that is the pattern that God expects us to use in prayer. When we pray, we need to receive his word.
                       When circumstances arises and start talking to us, we need to receive the word and talk back to it.  A good example is Mary. When she was visited by the angel Gabriel, she received the word. She did not argue with the angel nor allowed herself to be overcome by circumstances. She, just, received the word and became pregnant.(3)
                                       Have you prayed and prayed, only to see it going from bad to worse?  Have you confessed God's promises until you are blue in the face, only to see zero results? May I submit to you if you have done all you know what to do, but nothing has improved---You may have pregnant faith. When you receive God's word, it grows inside of you and when the promise is about to come to pass, there is travailing and birth pains. Breakthrough is about to take place!
                                       See the picture above of the happy lady? That is what we are supposed to do, even in the midst of sorrows and pain. We need to PUSH. We need strength! How do we get strength? The joy of the Lord is our strength! (4) Rejoice, sing and start to dance. See the promise as a fact and believe me, within a short time, you will birth that promise.
                                      So, don't give up. Fight the good fight of Faith. The devil has been defeated and with a song in your heart, your manifestation of God's promises will surely come to pass. Before I finish, let me end with this---My son and his wife were separated for 6 years. Family members were telling me to give up. It got worse, but I held on.
                         After six years, they came back together. I had experienced "birth pains", but after a while, I saw God's promise manifest itself. Too many of us give up and say---Oh well, its must be God's will for me. Don't blame God, but look at yourself and see where you have missed it. Chances are that you may have pregnant faith! If you do, remember to PUSH----The joy of the Lord is your strength! God bless!

Scriptures---  (1) I Cor 1:20
                      (2) II Peter 1:3
                      (3) Luke 1:38
                      (4) Neh 8:10

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Old age is not a death sentence

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                 " Where there is no vision, the people perish...(Prov 29:18)"

                           Dreams! We, all, have them. Some dream of striking it rich, other dream about marrying that ideal person, but my question to you today is..What is the vision that the Lord has given you? In our last devotional, we saw the importance of knowing the calling that God has for each one of us. In this study, we want to analyze God's vision for you.
                             Moses was one example. He tried to run ahead of God and it cost him 40 years in the desert. When the Lord, finally,  finished his "desert training," he was ready. He was given a message and a charge---To tell Pharaoh to let my people go! His message impacted a nation and got more than a million people out of bondage and torture. All this at 80 years old! (1)
                   Abraham was given a promise. At 75 years old, he was told to get out of his land and family. He left the security and safety of his family to go to a land where the Lord would show him. During that time, if you got away from the security of your family, you were doomed. You could be subject to attacks and even be killed. Family provided security and protection against enemy attacks. 
                 Nevertheless, Abraham obeyed. As a result of his obedience, he would have a son which started the seed known as the Jews. His  obedience created a nation which would have an impact in history. Through that nation, the Messiah was born. We look at the rewards, but Abraham had some obstacles. Patience was key as the promise would not get manifested until he was 100 years old.(2)
                    Face it, when the Lord gives you a vision, there are going to be obstacles. Many would give up before the promise gets manifested. If the Lord has given you a vision, don't give up. Put your hand to the plow and refuse to look back. Who knows? Many reading this may be unemployed and may be thinking job, while the Lord may be thinking business!
                       Maybe the Lord would have you go back to College! I heard the story of a man who passed the state bar and was licensed to practice law at 74 years old. Age is not a death sentence. So what if you are getting old? God is not finished with you yet. Just remember---the best is yet to come. Take for example the man named Job. People love to point out the troubles he went through and yes, he had his plate full of troubles galore. One thing is overlooked in Job's life. He got blessed in the end! Friend, God believes in happy endings.
                          If you read the book of Job, God blessed him more than his beginnings.(3) So what the devil took in the beginning of Job's life was given back to him and more. Losing your house is not a death sentence. Losing your business is not a death sentence. Losing a loved one is not a death sentence. God is a God of new beginnings and if you let him, he can give you a new chapter in your life. Grab a hold of the vision that God has given you and run with it. Who knows what impact it may have in your life and others! God bless. 

Scriptures: (1) Acts 7
                (2) Read Gen chapters 12-21 
                (3) Job 42