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Pastor's post---03/19/2015

                                             More thoughts about communion.

          In our past studies, we dug into the concept of communion. There is a lot that we can gleam from this subject. We, mostly, studied on the bread elements of it. In this study, we will look at its symbolic meaning. Some churches do not celebrate communion because it is symbolic. While they are half-right, Jesus himself said to do this in remembrance of me. ( Luke 22:19) This speaks of action, not just symbolic. 
             Proverbs shows us how communion can be in a symbolic sense. When you read the whole chapter of Proverbs 9, you will see two comparisons. A communion of wisdom and a communion of the foolish woman. A foolish woman is compared to a seducing spirit. While some compare this to adultery, this goes deeper than that. It talks about having communion with the devil.
               Anytime you sin, you are having communion with the devil. You are bowing your knee to the enemy and placing yourself in enemy territory whether you realize it or not. Seducing spirits are compared, also, with idolatry and behind it is a demon.(Lev.17:7) 
 When you commune with the enemy, the bread turns into wickedness and the water turns to wine. The wine is compared with violence. (Prov 4:17) What kind of violence does this speaks of? You fill in the blanks and, as you do, you will get an idea of what Satan has planned for you and your family. It is wise to see what the word says in not giving place to the enemy. 
              The good news is that God has his own communion for you. When you confess your sins, you are eating his bread in a symbolic sense and getting cleansed with his blood, making you the righteousness of God in Christ. (I John 1:9) So, friend, make it a point to fellowship with God. When you sin, don't run from God. Run to God and get it right. He is waiting to break bread with you and drink the wine of redemption. In fact, the root Greek word for communion is fellowship. Choose in this day to eat the bread of life and drink the wine of his redemption today.

                 Some final thoughts to consider. When Christians in the New Testament had communion, they would celebrate it in a two fold sense----
                 1- Having the elements of bread and wine and remembering his promises. 
                 2- In a symbolic sense, with fellowship celebrating it with a meal.
                 That is why the Apostle Paul had to set some things in order because they were bringing in alcoholic wine (getting drunk) and engaging in overeating.(I Cor 11:20-34)When fellow shipping with others, let's honor God and one another. This, in turn, will please God and bless us in the long run. God bless. 

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pastor's Post---03/11/2015



                             A look at Communion--Part V

               "Give us this day, our daily bread"(Matt 6:11)

               When we think of bread, the first thing that comes to our minds is food, but when Jesus used the word "bread", he compared it to a host of things. There are a couple of things to remember when reviewing past thoughts of communion---
  • It was compared to his body, creating a stir among the Jews.
  • It was compared to healing. One scripture that stands out is when Jesus compares healing to the children's bread. To all who doubt or say that it's pending his will, I, respectfully, disagree. What father would not feed his child with bread(Food)? (Matt 15:25-32) There is a lot that we need to know about healing. One book that I recommend reading is Christ the healer(1). That book is a real eye-opener.
  • It is compared to wisdom.
  • Discernment against mixture or false doctrines.
           For further reading on past studies of communion, I have posted my links (2) below for your information. As the picture above shows that as there are different types of bread in the natural, so are there different types of bread available when celebrating communion in a spiritual sensc. As I conclude my studies on the bread elements of communion, I want to leave you with a series of final thoughts.
             Ecc 11:1 says to cast your bread upon the waters. That talks of giving. Giving is, not, a popular theme within the churches but the Bible speaks a lot about giving. It is, actually, a way to worship the Lord. When you give of your tithes and offering, you honor God and open a wave a blessings in your life. Think about this, who would, not, want to live under an open heaven? (Mal 3:10) 
          When you have an open window from heaven, you get God's best. People would equate it with money and that's part of it. An open window will create favor with others, open doors of opportunities and even bring about answered prayers. Many would say that I am implying that you have to buy God's blessing. Truth of the matter is that God has given us all things that pertain to life.(II Peter 1:3) Jesus brought it for us through his blood. 
                  Giving is a kingdom principle. It waters the fruit on your garden. It allows the blessing to bring forth his promises for your life. It is the principle of sowing and reaping. So, friend, when celebrating communion, it might be a good idea to speak God's covenant promises concerning your finances. Put your checkbook and bills on the table. As you do this with a heart of faith, you will see God move on your life regarding finances. In my next post, we will explore the elements of the blood. God bless. 



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A special Guest....

From my good friend and Pastor Jim Blanchard. If you like his teachings, check out his website...

Pastor's post-03/10/2015

                           A look at communion---Part IV

                There is a lot to be said about the communion elements. 
We have seen that it covers, not only, forgiveness of sins but healing. Healing can be defined as both emotional and physical. In fact, if you are heartbroken or are hurt in your emotions, it can be a source of great remedy. It, also, can include Wisdom. From our previous studies, we took a look at Wisdom in Prov 9:1-5 and how it invites us to its communion table. 
                 I want to share some insights on leaven. What is leaven? It is what is used to raise the bread and give it some flavor along with some ingredients. There were some strict uses in Jewish law regarding leaven or unleavened bread. I want to share some thoughts on what Jesus told his disciples. He told them to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees. (Matt 16:6) 
                 At first, the disciples were thinking about food and their Jewish laws. They, were, also thinking of lack and shortage. Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief and their lack of understanding. (Matt 16: 5-12) As we celebrate communion, let us be mindful of doctrine. We are living in an age where many are saying that doctrine is not important, but Jesus warned the disciples of mixture--The doctrine of the Pharisees and the Saducees.
                Of course, there are always going to be disagreements. There were disagreements even with the disciples but when we depart from the major teachings of Christ and his finished work on the cross, we will run into trouble. A popular religious figure said that the story of Adam and Eve was a fable. There are, also, many who are saying that there are other paths to heaven. Friends,there is only one way and that is Jesus. (John 14:6).
              As you celebrate communion, ask the Lord for discernment and direction. The spirit of deception is going to be running rampant in these last days. Let us not be deceived by "unity" and that doctrine is not important. Let us not be deceived into thinking that there are other ways to salvation. Pray the Ephesians prayers for yourself and others, especially when celebrating the communion elements. Doing so will keep us from biblical error which can result in destruction and judgement. God bless. 

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

La sabiduria para la comunion.


               Hola, mis amigos. Como pueden ver, he publicado una imagen del rey Salomón. El rey Solomon era comparado con la sabiduria. Era el hombre mas sabio en su tiempo. En la vida, nos enfrenatamos a retos y pruebas que nos pueden robar nuestra fe. La sabiduria es esencial para tener la victoria, tener un testimonio y glorificar al Senor compartiendolo con otros.Nos preguntamos--- ¿Como podemos adquirir esa sabiduria? Hay varios puntos a considerar---

  • El primer punto a recordar es a Cristo. Si eres salvo(a), el vive dentro de nosotros. El se ha hecho sabiduria para nosotros. (I Cor 1:30) Dentro de ti, vive un sabelotodo. El tiene todas las soluciones de tu problema.
  • Segundo, pide la sabiduria. La palabra dice que cuando necesitemos la sabiduria, se lo pidamos a Dios. (Santiago 1:5)
  • Tercero y el punto mas importante es la comunion. Si te lees Proverbios 9:1-5,veras que te invita a una mesa. La mesa del comunion. 

                                                           La Santa Cena

                                                 La Mesa de comunion

                  La palabra dice que has preparado una mesa en medio de mis enemigos. (PS 23:5) Cuando tu celebras la communion, tu estas haciendo una declaracion. Una declaracion de victoria por lo hizo Cristo en la cruz. Cuando tu comas el pan y bebes el vino (jugo), tu estas comiendo para que la mente de Cristo sea formado en ti. No tienes que esperar hasta que venga el dia de comunion en la Iglesia. Puedes sacar el pan y jugo y celebralo en tu casa. Declara las promesas de Dios para la sabiduria. Veras como Dios te responderas y tendras victoria en tus problemas. Dios les bendiga. 


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Time to laugh...

Time to laugh---
One morning, a nurse was tasked to check on some their patients' progress and  send recommendations for release based on their improvement. She visited the recreation room where there were 4 patients.
Patient One was reading the bible. Complimented the patient and puts a check on the name.
Patient Two was working on a crossword puzzle, almost done. Check.
Patient Three was playing chess, keeping tabs of his moves, challenging himself. Check.
She comes to Patient Four, who was standing on the table, repeatedly shouting "I AM THE SUN! I AM THE LIGHT!". The nurse asks the patient to step down from the table or else she'll have the guards take him away back to his room. As soon as Patient Four steps down, the other three patients suddenly stopped what they were doing, went on their way and bid everyone in the room "Goodnight!"

Friday, March 6, 2015

Pastor's Post---03/06/2015

                                        King Solomon discussing plans for the temple.

                            A look at communion---Part III 

                 As you can see, I have posted a picture of King Solomon. You may ask--What does King Solomon has to do with communion? Plenty, but before I elaborate on this comparison, let's review some main points of our past study---

  • Jesus brought this revelation to his disciples and it was misunderstood. Many left him because of this. When you get a revelation from God, sometimes, you may not get a positive reaction from your peers and church. (John 6:25-52) 
  • Communion is not, just, something nice to do every month, it is a covenant renewal.
  • Communion brings about healing. 
             I have posted some links about this so you can catch up to this study and get a good grasp on this. The point about communion that I want to make is that it is a great way to seek God for wisdom. When we think of wisdom, we think of King Solomon. King Solomon was so wise that he made an impact on others. True, in the end, he deviated from God but when you have wisdom, the world will beat a path to your door.
             You can, too. In life, we, all, need wisdom. Wisdom for life's challenges and problems. When you are between a rock and a hard place, take out the elements of communion and claim wisdom. You don't have to wait until your church celebrates it, you can do it yourself and enjoy the benefits. Prov 9:4-5 says to come eat at wisdom's table. We know that Christ has been made unto us wisdom (I Cor 1:30) 
                       When you do it, you are setting a table in the midst of your enemies. (Ps 23:5) You are declaring victory in the midst of your problems. Why? Because you have wisdom and you have the victory. Think about this, where can you fight a war  where you can take out a table to defeat your enemies? Wisdom will take you far. Who knows? Maybe people from far away will beat a path to your door in order to get what you have. Remember, Wisdom is the principal thing! God bless.
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Pastor's post---03/05/2015


                           Courtesy of cracker

                           A look at communion--Part II

                  In our last study, we saw how the some of the disciples of Jesus misunderstood the message of communion. Many were offended when he spoke of eating his flesh and drinking his blood but Jesus was making a point. He was breaking them out of their traditions and religion to bring them to a higher place in God. Many times, we miss the true meaning of communion with the Pastor saying a few scriptures. Afterwards, we drink the grape juice and cracker and then go on our way.
                 The word says to do this in remembrance of me(Jesus). We see it as salvation for our spirits. We see the juice symbolic of his blood shed on the cross but that is as far as we go. We need to see the whole picture. Years ago, when I went to a Baptist church, this minister prior to having the church take communion issued some warnings. He said that communion was only for the saved. In that service, he warned the unsaved and those who were sinning, not to partake of the communion elements. How many times have you heard that warning being issued? ( I Cor 11:27-28)  
                  We can read it from scriptures, but Pastors need to issue a solemn warning. If there is any who is not saved, to make it plain and to, also, issue an invitation to Salvation. Also, we need to examine ourselves--Is there strife in our hearts, unforgiveness, sin,etc?  We need to pause and take inventory through the Holy Spirit. Folks, this is very serious in God's eyes and not doing it properly can cause many to get sick, weak or die. ( I Cor 11: 30) We are renewing God's covenant!
                   Another beauty of communion is to encourage people to look at the broken body. That body represents healing. I, for one, like to celebrate communion with the Matzo cracker. Why, because I believe that is unleavened bread and it was the bread that Jesus used to celebrate communion. Another reason why I, personally, like to use it is that the marking on it represents the stripes that Jesus took for you and me. 
           Physical healing is a part of Salvation. The Greek word  includes Spiritual, physical and financial salvation. A case in point is James 5:15. It says to save the sick. Why? Because the physical healing in one's body is physical salvation. When celebrating communion, Pastors ought to encourage their flocks to receive healing in their bodies and emotions. It is included in communion. In my next post, I will have more on communion. God bless. 

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Pastor's post---03/04/2015

                                 Picture courtesy of "Communion Baptist" by Alanscottwalker - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

                                     A look at the communion elements.

                     What comes to your mind when celebrating communion. A cracker and some grape juice? A quotation from scripture? Communion is a most sacred and solemn event. It is the renewal of a covenant. A covenant that the Lord made with the church. Not understanding the covenant can have serious consequences in our lives.
                   Jesus brought this up with his disciples for the first time in John 6:25-52. I, sometimes, get amused when I hear some preachers saying we believe in the literal meaning of the Bible. Please do not misunderstand me, we should take every word of the Bible literally but at the same time, understand that some of its meanings involves symbolism or analogies. PS 17:8 says to hide me under the shadows of thy wings. When we think of wings, we think of a bird. Is God a bird? No. It is symbolic of his protection.
                      When Jesus brought up the communion elements for the first time, he compared it to his flesh and blood. The Jews forbade cannibalism and for them to hear this teaching really shook their traditions and laws to the core. When we think of Jesus and his disciples, we see 12 of them in the back of our minds. Truth of the matter is that Jesus had 70 disciples in total.(Luke 10:1, 10:17), plus those that went with him because of the loaves and fishes.
                           It was sad to see many of the disciples and others leave because of a simple misunderstanding of communion. They lost what could have been the greatest blessing of their lives, Brethren, please forgive me for being repetitious with this one point. It is,of extreme importance, especially in these last days that the believers pray the Ephesians prayers. Not doing so can cost you what could be the greatest blessing of your life. In this day, let us ask God to dig out our ears and learn how to understand the word of God through the revelation of the Holy Ghost. In my future post, I will share some deep thoughts about communion and how it can open doors in your life. I have,also, enclosed the Prayer of Ephesians so that you can use it for your prayers for you and others. God bless,

Ephesian prayers---