Friday, March 6, 2015

Pastor's Post---03/06/2015

                                        King Solomon discussing plans for the temple.

                            A look at communion---Part III 

                 As you can see, I have posted a picture of King Solomon. You may ask--What does King Solomon has to do with communion? Plenty, but before I elaborate on this comparison, let's review some main points of our past study---

  • Jesus brought this revelation to his disciples and it was misunderstood. Many left him because of this. When you get a revelation from God, sometimes, you may not get a positive reaction from your peers and church. (John 6:25-52) 
  • Communion is not, just, something nice to do every month, it is a covenant renewal.
  • Communion brings about healing. 
             I have posted some links about this so you can catch up to this study and get a good grasp on this. The point about communion that I want to make is that it is a great way to seek God for wisdom. When we think of wisdom, we think of King Solomon. King Solomon was so wise that he made an impact on others. True, in the end, he deviated from God but when you have wisdom, the world will beat a path to your door.
             You can, too. In life, we, all, need wisdom. Wisdom for life's challenges and problems. When you are between a rock and a hard place, take out the elements of communion and claim wisdom. You don't have to wait until your church celebrates it, you can do it yourself and enjoy the benefits. Prov 9:4-5 says to come eat at wisdom's table. We know that Christ has been made unto us wisdom (I Cor 1:30) 
                       When you do it, you are setting a table in the midst of your enemies. (Ps 23:5) You are declaring victory in the midst of your problems. Why? Because you have wisdom and you have the victory. Think about this, where can you fight a war  where you can take out a table to defeat your enemies? Wisdom will take you far. Who knows? Maybe people from far away will beat a path to your door in order to get what you have. Remember, Wisdom is the principal thing! God bless.
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