Saturday, March 7, 2015

Time to laugh...

Time to laugh---
One morning, a nurse was tasked to check on some their patients' progress and  send recommendations for release based on their improvement. She visited the recreation room where there were 4 patients.
Patient One was reading the bible. Complimented the patient and puts a check on the name.
Patient Two was working on a crossword puzzle, almost done. Check.
Patient Three was playing chess, keeping tabs of his moves, challenging himself. Check.
She comes to Patient Four, who was standing on the table, repeatedly shouting "I AM THE SUN! I AM THE LIGHT!". The nurse asks the patient to step down from the table or else she'll have the guards take him away back to his room. As soon as Patient Four steps down, the other three patients suddenly stopped what they were doing, went on their way and bid everyone in the room "Goodnight!"

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