Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pastor's post---03/19/2015

                                             More thoughts about communion.

          In our past studies, we dug into the concept of communion. There is a lot that we can gleam from this subject. We, mostly, studied on the bread elements of it. In this study, we will look at its symbolic meaning. Some churches do not celebrate communion because it is symbolic. While they are half-right, Jesus himself said to do this in remembrance of me. ( Luke 22:19) This speaks of action, not just symbolic. 
             Proverbs shows us how communion can be in a symbolic sense. When you read the whole chapter of Proverbs 9, you will see two comparisons. A communion of wisdom and a communion of the foolish woman. A foolish woman is compared to a seducing spirit. While some compare this to adultery, this goes deeper than that. It talks about having communion with the devil.
               Anytime you sin, you are having communion with the devil. You are bowing your knee to the enemy and placing yourself in enemy territory whether you realize it or not. Seducing spirits are compared, also, with idolatry and behind it is a demon.(Lev.17:7) 
 When you commune with the enemy, the bread turns into wickedness and the water turns to wine. The wine is compared with violence. (Prov 4:17) What kind of violence does this speaks of? You fill in the blanks and, as you do, you will get an idea of what Satan has planned for you and your family. It is wise to see what the word says in not giving place to the enemy. 
              The good news is that God has his own communion for you. When you confess your sins, you are eating his bread in a symbolic sense and getting cleansed with his blood, making you the righteousness of God in Christ. (I John 1:9) So, friend, make it a point to fellowship with God. When you sin, don't run from God. Run to God and get it right. He is waiting to break bread with you and drink the wine of redemption. In fact, the root Greek word for communion is fellowship. Choose in this day to eat the bread of life and drink the wine of his redemption today.

                 Some final thoughts to consider. When Christians in the New Testament had communion, they would celebrate it in a two fold sense----
                 1- Having the elements of bread and wine and remembering his promises. 
                 2- In a symbolic sense, with fellowship celebrating it with a meal.
                 That is why the Apostle Paul had to set some things in order because they were bringing in alcoholic wine (getting drunk) and engaging in overeating.(I Cor 11:20-34)When fellow shipping with others, let's honor God and one another. This, in turn, will please God and bless us in the long run. God bless. 

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