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Pastor's notes---04/06/2015

                                              A look at the blood of Christ. 
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                                     What is your reaction to the word Blood? Sometimes, we feel uncomfortable. We associate it with some type of tragic event but in this past season of Easter, the blood of Jesus is a beautiful thing. It washes us from all our sins. In the law, the blood of bulls and lambs, only, served as a covering. It was so because there had to be a demand for a man to fulfill the law and be sin for us at the same time. That is why Christ was called the second and last Adam. (I Cor 15:45-47)     
                        His blood was not polluted by sin and it came from above. That is why the Virgin birth is, so, much under attack. If man can prove that there was no virgin birth, then Christ died in vain. In life, the blood is a way to prove a paternity test, so it is the same with Christ. His blood contains the heavenly DNA from our heavenly Father to free us from sin, sickness and poverty. When Jesus spilled his blood, it was fulfilling the penalty of sin in our lives. 
                        Many in the body debate the pleading of the blood. 
The pleading of the blood is scriptural. It is a powerful tool because it is speaking. It is saying something to the devil and to all of heaven.  When Cain killed Abel, something terrible happened. Abel's blood was speaking to the heavenly Father and calling for vengeance. (Gen 4:10) That is why abortion is a deadly sin and needs to be confronted because the blood of millions of babies are crying out for vengeance. 
                        Man in his foolish reasoning would say it is just a fetus. A woman has a right to her body and other nonsense but follow the money. As you do, you will see that abortion is BIG BUSINESS. This, truly, fulfills the scripture of the love of money being the root of all evil. Recently, some are waking up to this fact and are exposing the dark side of abortion clinics. (1) This, in turn, have brought on more lawsuits and forced them to closed their doors for good. While this is good news, more needs to be done in this area. 
                 Friends, this in itself, is not a flesh and blood battle but a spiritual one. The good news is that the blood of Christ cries for mercy and it is available to all who receives it. When a nation repents of its sins, the sacrifice of Christ can wipe the slate clean and save it. God has a vision for this nation and it has been prophesied that a third awakening is around the corner. Pray for the church and our leaders. Friends, your prayers are not in vain. God is moving behind the scenes and revival will hit the land with signs and wonders following. 
                  So, let's prepare ourselves, taking advantage of what belongs to us in Christ. The blood of Christ can be used to renew your mind, bring better health and protect your family. The blood elements in communion is a powerful way to be covenant-minded and receive his promises. To end on a positive note---the blood can be used to break generational curses and bring health to your body. 
             Medical science has found that sickness travels through the bloodline but when you take his blood, it can drive out any germs and infirmities. When you get God inside-minded, there is no such thing as race or ethnicity, but one nation under God. (Acts 17:26, I Peter 2:9) So, when you take the elements of communion,  put God in remembrance and plead together ( Isa 43:26) When you plead the blood, Its voice is pleading together with you to bring you victory in whatever area you are battling in. (Rev 12:11) So, make use of the blood and see what God will do. It's power to save and deliver is always available for you and this nation 24/7. God bless.

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