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                           A look at communion--Part II

                  In our last study, we saw how the some of the disciples of Jesus misunderstood the message of communion. Many were offended when he spoke of eating his flesh and drinking his blood but Jesus was making a point. He was breaking them out of their traditions and religion to bring them to a higher place in God. Many times, we miss the true meaning of communion with the Pastor saying a few scriptures. Afterwards, we drink the grape juice and cracker and then go on our way.
                 The word says to do this in remembrance of me(Jesus). We see it as salvation for our spirits. We see the juice symbolic of his blood shed on the cross but that is as far as we go. We need to see the whole picture. Years ago, when I went to a Baptist church, this minister prior to having the church take communion issued some warnings. He said that communion was only for the saved. In that service, he warned the unsaved and those who were sinning, not to partake of the communion elements. How many times have you heard that warning being issued? ( I Cor 11:27-28)  
                  We can read it from scriptures, but Pastors need to issue a solemn warning. If there is any who is not saved, to make it plain and to, also, issue an invitation to Salvation. Also, we need to examine ourselves--Is there strife in our hearts, unforgiveness, sin,etc?  We need to pause and take inventory through the Holy Spirit. Folks, this is very serious in God's eyes and not doing it properly can cause many to get sick, weak or die. ( I Cor 11: 30) We are renewing God's covenant!
                   Another beauty of communion is to encourage people to look at the broken body. That body represents healing. I, for one, like to celebrate communion with the Matzo cracker. Why, because I believe that is unleavened bread and it was the bread that Jesus used to celebrate communion. Another reason why I, personally, like to use it is that the marking on it represents the stripes that Jesus took for you and me. 
           Physical healing is a part of Salvation. The Greek word  includes Spiritual, physical and financial salvation. A case in point is James 5:15. It says to save the sick. Why? Because the physical healing in one's body is physical salvation. When celebrating communion, Pastors ought to encourage their flocks to receive healing in their bodies and emotions. It is included in communion. In my next post, I will have more on communion. God bless. 

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