Thursday, August 1, 2013

Old age is not a death sentence

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                 " Where there is no vision, the people perish...(Prov 29:18)"

                           Dreams! We, all, have them. Some dream of striking it rich, other dream about marrying that ideal person, but my question to you today is..What is the vision that the Lord has given you? In our last devotional, we saw the importance of knowing the calling that God has for each one of us. In this study, we want to analyze God's vision for you.
                             Moses was one example. He tried to run ahead of God and it cost him 40 years in the desert. When the Lord, finally,  finished his "desert training," he was ready. He was given a message and a charge---To tell Pharaoh to let my people go! His message impacted a nation and got more than a million people out of bondage and torture. All this at 80 years old! (1)
                   Abraham was given a promise. At 75 years old, he was told to get out of his land and family. He left the security and safety of his family to go to a land where the Lord would show him. During that time, if you got away from the security of your family, you were doomed. You could be subject to attacks and even be killed. Family provided security and protection against enemy attacks. 
                 Nevertheless, Abraham obeyed. As a result of his obedience, he would have a son which started the seed known as the Jews. His  obedience created a nation which would have an impact in history. Through that nation, the Messiah was born. We look at the rewards, but Abraham had some obstacles. Patience was key as the promise would not get manifested until he was 100 years old.(2)
                    Face it, when the Lord gives you a vision, there are going to be obstacles. Many would give up before the promise gets manifested. If the Lord has given you a vision, don't give up. Put your hand to the plow and refuse to look back. Who knows? Many reading this may be unemployed and may be thinking job, while the Lord may be thinking business!
                       Maybe the Lord would have you go back to College! I heard the story of a man who passed the state bar and was licensed to practice law at 74 years old. Age is not a death sentence. So what if you are getting old? God is not finished with you yet. Just remember---the best is yet to come. Take for example the man named Job. People love to point out the troubles he went through and yes, he had his plate full of troubles galore. One thing is overlooked in Job's life. He got blessed in the end! Friend, God believes in happy endings.
                          If you read the book of Job, God blessed him more than his beginnings.(3) So what the devil took in the beginning of Job's life was given back to him and more. Losing your house is not a death sentence. Losing your business is not a death sentence. Losing a loved one is not a death sentence. God is a God of new beginnings and if you let him, he can give you a new chapter in your life. Grab a hold of the vision that God has given you and run with it. Who knows what impact it may have in your life and others! God bless. 

Scriptures: (1) Acts 7
                (2) Read Gen chapters 12-21 
                (3) Job 42

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