Monday, January 10, 2022

In Remembrance of me......


 And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.(Luke 22:16) 

 Communion is celebrated throughout the church on a monthly basis, but did you know you can celebrate communion every day and unleash the power of God in your life? There are at least 14 different ways of remembering his sacrifice with the bread and wine? We are going to look at them in detail... 


1- His death ( I Cor 11:24-30) 
2- Healing
A) Physically (Matt 15:22-28)
B) Broken Heart ( Isa 61:1) 
3- Finances. (Ecc 11:1)
4- Wisdom and understanding (Prov 9:1-6)
5- Protection from false teaching and Revelation knowledge (Matt 16:6-12)
6- Protection from your enemies. (Numbers 14:9)
7- Strength (Ps 104:15)


1- Toiling and sweating (Lk 22:4, Gen 3:17)
2- Face. (Matt 26:63-67)  Uncommon Favor. The Lord's face to shine on you. Lies and slander.
3- Beard pulled from Christ's face. ( Shame and low self-esteem)( Isa 50:6)
4- Back scourged (Matt 27:26) Healing
5- Crown of thorns (Matt 27:29) In Genesis, thorns were going to pop up whenever Adam sowed in the ground.  (Financial lack/Mind of Christ)
6- Crucified hands and feet ( Matt 27:35) Unproductiveness. Hands to prosper in whatever you do. Feet symbolized as fulfilling your destiny and divine connections.
7- Side pierced by the spear (John 19:34) Birth of the church. New creation realities 

Please listen carefully to the videos posted for more clarity on this amazing subject. We are going to celebrate communion live on our Facebook page-The Christian corner community church page. It will bless you and release God's covenant promises for you. 

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