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Pastor's Post---March 2, 2015

                                                  Behold the lamb!

And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God!"
                  (John 1:36)

                              What comes to mind when you hear the word--Lamb of God? Is it just a phrase or a deep meaning that hits close to the heart. We, all, know that Jesus is the lamb of God, but what is implied behind those words? Let's look at some highlights of Exodus 12:1-10----

  • A lamb was chosen out of the flock. It had to be without defects or blemish. It, also, had to be a firstborn. (Exo 12:5)
  • It was to be set aside for a couple of days and be put under observation.(Exo 12:3-6)
  • It had to be shared with others. (Exo 12:4)
  • It had to be roasted in fire. (Exo 12:8)
  • No leftovers. You had to eat the whole lamb. Whatever was left was burned in the fire. (Exo 12:8-10) 
                 LAMB CHOSEN OUT OF THE FLOCK---Jesus was called the second and last Adam (I Cor 15:45). He was without defect or blemish. He had never sinned and is called the firstborn of the church and assembly of God. Why? Because he started the church. He, also, was the first man to enter heaven. 

                PUT UNDER OBSERVATION---When you hear the words--"Behold, the lamb of God", it implies to stare. When you stare at something, you see some details of that object. Some may be good and some bad, but with Jesus, all that you see in him is good. We need to stop and meditate on what things he has given to us. 

               SHARED WITH OTHERS---When you read Exo 12:4, it says if the household is too small, invite your neighbor over for dinner. God is more than enough. His salvation and his benefits is too much for us to keep it for ourselves. We need to share his gifts and blessings with others. A lost and hurting world wants answers. Jesus can provide what they need!

                ROASTED WITH FIRE-----The lamb had to be cooked and well done. Jesus said that he would spend three days and nights in the heart of the earth.(Matt 12:40) You may reason--It means that Jesus was buried and would raise again. When we think of buried, we think of being below the earth in our western thinking. 
                       The Bible says that he was buried in a cave, not under the earth. This implies, something, deeper. Friends, did you know that the deeper you dig in the earth, the hotter it becomes----It is a scientific fact! Years ago, some Russian scientists wanted to do some research and dig below the earth, now mind you, this was around the '60's when atheism was running high. What they found was, not, only that it got hotter but their equipment went haywire. They saw some spirits that began to manifest themselves along with the noises of people in agony.
        Needless to say, their thinking was changed and now they are saved.(A link to that story is provided below.) Friends, what Jesus was saying was that he would suffer the torments of the fires of hell and then rise up again--Hallelujah! Jesus did not finish his sacrifice on the cross,  he finished it in hell. When Jesus said at the cross---It is finished! He was claiming victory and speaking of those things that are not as though they were!

               NO LEFTOVERS---They had to eat the whole lamb. The eyes, the stomach, the livers, the ears, etc. You may feel repulsed, but get ready to put on your dancing shoes and give a shout to God. When they ate the following items, they got healed--

  • The eyes---The blind received their sight.
  • The ears-- The deaf can hear
  • The stomach--Diabetics are healed
  • The liver---Liver disease being healed and so on...
             PS 105:37 says that there was not a feeble one among them. Feeble in the Hebrew means sick. So, as they ate the lamb and obeyed God, they got healed. I like the Cecil DeMille's movie,The Ten Commandments, done in 1956. It was well-made for that time, but one thing that I saw was that some scenes were not in line with the word.
               On one scene, when the Jews came out of Egypt, you see them in rags and some on crutches. It was a different scene as far as God's word was concerned. God had a different perspective ---They were healed and came out with silver and gold! This is far better than Cecil DeMille's version! When we got out of Egypt, which symbolizes the world, we have all we need in Jesus. So, think on these things as you hear the word----Behold the lamb of God! God bless!

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