Monday, June 23, 2014

From my heart to yours!

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                First, I want to thank you for helping me with my facebook likes and giving me some support. I, really, appreciate all you do for me and the ministry. God has given me the gift of writing and so far, I have written two eBooks. While I have not gotten rich over my books, it has been a rewarding experience.
                Also, the Lord has shown me some vital keys in praying for my finances. Just recently, I sowed into a ministry $58.00 and in about 2 weeks, I got a check for $4,000! While I rejoice at that testimony, I did not get to that faith level overnight. It took a while and some hard work. (Trial and error), but lately God has given me some revelation knowledge that has paid off for me. 
                 I was led to write How to pray for finances and thought that I could sell it to my brethren for a small investment, but lately, the Lord told me to offer it for free. You may ask---What will it cost me? Nothing! God has worked it out beautifully in that I can offer my facebook partners my book for free, but hurry, this offer will not last long. You have 2 weeks in which to act. Just email me at and I will rush it to you. 
                    I, only, ask that you invite your friends to our like page. We need to get the good news to others as well. In these last days, many will be in need of finances. This is an excellent tool to have the bait for others to be saved. Think about this, if I was unsaved and in need of finances, I would be open to the good news. So, can you help me reach others with my page? I would like to reach 1,000,000 likes. Please consider this task prayerfully. Anyway, enjoy your book  and God bless you. 
                               Pastor Angel 

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