Friday, August 1, 2014

The hidden power and benefit of grace.

                    But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (Gen 6:8) 

                    Greetings. In this day, we are studying about the power and benefits of grace. Generally, the majority of Christians understand grace as unmerited favor and it is, but in this study,we will see that it is more than that. The Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. What we see happening in our lifetime is just history repeating itself.
              How were the times in which Noah was living? If you read Gen 6:1-8 and Matt 24:37-39, you will get an idea of how rough it was. There were Giants in the land. These Giants were the result of fallen angels having sex with women. If you think Giants were the result of just Bible symbolism or fables, think again.
              History has shown that Giants truly existed. There has been bones found of Giants that were more than 10 feet tall or bigger. They were admired at that time because of their superhuman strength. Think about it...Superman was not the only original superhero! They were, also, known to have a big appetite consuming large amounts of meats. To add to that, they were known to eat humans also. (Numbers 13:32).
            Giants were intimidating and forced people into servitude. So this thing with Homosexuals forcing us to accept their lifestyle is nothing new. This is just history repeating itself. Plus, if you read Gen 6:1-8, you will find that every thought of man was evil continually. 
                   They were into gluttony, getting drunk and giving into marriage. Divorces and homosexual marriages were abounding, so much so, that it grieved God. How did grace apply to Noah? God's grace protected him and his family from the influence of the culture. God's grace, also, protected him from hurt and harm. Somehow in all this, Noah did not stop seeking God and he found grace with him.
So, in this day, continue to seek God's face. As you do so, you will find grace and see it protect you and your family. Grace will, also, show you what is your calling as we will see tomorrow in our next devotional. God bless.

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