Saturday, September 13, 2014

God is up to something.

                          Never stop praying for America.

              Why do the nations plan rebellion?
                    Why do people make their useless plots?
              Their kings revolt,
                    their rulers plot together against the Lord
                    and against the king he chose.
             Let us free ourselves from their rule,” they say;
                let us throw off their control.
             From his throne in heaven the Lord laughs
              and mocks their feeble plans.
             Then he warns them in anger
                  and terrifies them with his fury
              (Ps 2:1-5)(Good News Version)

                   The year of 2014 has been a year of surprises. While on one hand, we have enjoyed much of the blessings of technology and entertainment, there are some dangers brewing close to us. As I look at the Middle East, I see how some of our Christian Brethren are being tortured, harassed and killed in Syria and Iraq. Radical Muslims are forcing their religion on others and threatening to come to our shores.
               Iraq has been a place where the Lord has moved in the past through signs and wonders. Nineveh, a town in Iraq has been a place where Jonah has preached and the people responded. His tomb is, supposedly, located there. It angered me when I saw these radical Muslims destroy his tomb and tried to erase all evidences of Christianity in that place. I started to think--Lord, what is happening?
               Suddenly, I felt like the Lord spoke. He told me not to worry. He showed me what he was doing. He was, actually, laughing in his throne. Why? Because he is up to something. What it is, I don't know but in the end, it is not going to look pretty when he has the last word. 
       Throughout the ages, Men have tried to hinder and remove God from society but, friend, Christianity is here to stay. Men have tried to kill Christians and remove its influence, but Christianity comes back with a fury. I, recently, saw a picture of a rainbow near the White House. While some equates this to be a sign of Homosexual/Lesbian rights, I see this in a different light.
           If you read the bible, rainbow speaks of covenant and mercy. This nation, years ago, made a covenant with God. God has not forgotten his covenant with the USA. (1) As long as we have a people who are repenting and interceding for this nation, we will see God move on our behalf.              
            As you ponder on these events, pray for the ISIS soldiers. Even though they have committed atrocities, believe it or not, God loves them. God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. (Eze 33:11). Pray that the Lord may help us to identify the principalities and powers that are behind this, so that we can cripple their operation. 
          Perhaps some many not know this, but World War II was won, not because of our might and intelligence, but because of prayer. Our economy was in shambles and we were cutting the budget on our military. The German army was very well organized and advanced in technology. Our country was losing some important battles in the early stages of the war.
              God moved upon the hearts of some elderly mothers that knew how to pray. Their prayers made a difference and helped turn the tide for victory in this nation. One important thing to remember--History repeats itself. During and before World War II, Japan was moved by religious fanaticism. Christians were, heavily, persecuted and atrocities were committed just like today. (*)
                 The Emperor was regarded as a God and the Shinto religion grew in strength. During World War II, Japan had a strong fighting force called the Kamikaze. These pilots were trained to aim their aircraft against our Navy ships to cause damage and loss of lives. 
                They were trained that if they lost their lives for their emperor, they would have a place in heaven according to their religion.(2)(3) What happened? America was triumphant and there was a hunger for the Lord in that place. That hunger was so great that Gen Douglas MacArthur was expressing the need for missionaries to go to Japan and share the good news. (4)
                  I believe the same will happen with the radical Muslims When they see the real God step up to the plate and make his presence manifest, many will say---Show us your God. So, body of Christ, prepare yourselves because the best is yet to come. 






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