Sunday, August 16, 2015

Salvation is a gift---


                               --Assembly required! 


                                             Are you ready to assemble your gift?  (1)

            As I pondered upon the joy of Salvation and its benefits, the Lord pointed out a couple of things that are essential to the body of Christ. Years ago, while driving along a country road, I passed by a church marquee that read "Salvation is a gift--Assembly required." It brought me back years to my childhood when my father brought me my first bike. 
                I used to walk by the store and see all those beautiful bikes on display so, naturally, I got excited when my dad told me that he was buying a bike for me. That day, he came home and brought a box. Then, I saw him take out his toolbox and, patiently, assembled the bike for me. When the finished product was done--Viola, I had a brand new bike to enjoy! 
               You may ask what is the point?  The point is in order to make proper use of your salvation, you need to open the package. Next, assembly is required. In the natural, my Dad helped me to assemble my gift, which was a bike. In the spiritual, the assembling of your gift comes through the church. Heb 10:25 says not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together. 
               If you accepted Jesus but are not going to church, your gift is not properly assembled. That is why people are pulling out their hairs and questioning God when He is saying assembly required. I thank God for Christian TV. It is a great side tool to have especially for the sick and shut ins but while you are healthy and strong, you need to find a good church. 
             Eph 4:8-16  is the key. A good church is one in which the five-fold ministries are in operation. Through the Holy Spirit, he assembles what is lacking in your gift so that you can enjoy your salvation and then tell others about it. As you do, you will find your place in Christ and be able to do exploits for him. Then, when you are fully matured, you can be a gift unto others as well. Amen. 


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