Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Word made flesh!

                              What is in a word? It is a series of thoughts uttered. A communication with one another. It can be done by sound or by written form. The Bible is called the written word of God. It is God speaking to man through the word. In my walk with the Lord, I have heard people say---I am not hearing from God!
It would seem to me that they want a feeling, a voice or maybe an impression. Friends, I've come to tell you you can heard from God if you are his child. He speaks, mostly, through the word.
                              Granted, that in the Old testament as well as the new, there have been times that God had spoken to man in a audible voice, but we can't put God in a box. Most of the time, he will speak through his word and that is through the Bible. Let's look at the following verse---
                               " Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."
                         (Ps 119:105)

        It is interesting how King David defined the word as a lamp. Remember in those days there was not electricity, so they used lamps lit by fire. Oil, grass and animal dung provided the fuel for these ancient lamps. The Holy Spirit is defined as oil. When we read the word, guided by the Holy Spirit, it will burn all that "dung" out of our lives. 
         The word is alive. It is a shame that many Christians read the word as if it was a newspaper. Joshua 1:8 says to meditate. The word meditate comes from murmuring. The Jews would meditate on the word, swaying back and forth as they uttered the Holy Torah. We need to learn how to chew on that word. It needs to come alive. 

                        " He sent his wordand healed themand delivered them                            from their destructions." (Ps 107:20)
                       What does this tell us? The word of God has the anointing inside it to heal us. It is not a set of empty words. They carry the anointing to heal us. The anointing destroys the yoke.(Isa 10:27) But, there's a catch--We need to mix the word with faith. Our faith is what fills the word with the anointing to break that yoke. 
                       That is why many Christians get frustrated. They say I confessed the word day and night, but have you mixed your faith with it? How do you see yourself? Healed or sick? The word says that as a man thinks so is he. (Prov 23:7) So, in this day, treasure the word. This word is powerful and will provide the answers you need for your day of trouble! 

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