Monday, July 8, 2013

The Love of God!

                                                    Me and my granddaughter Kathy

"....And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God."  (Eph 3:19) 

                   This past July the fourth was one to remember for us. Our son Josh, his wife and granddaughter Kathy came from Florida to Virginia. We had a ball and spent some time together. As I ponder upon this, I find that life is so precious. Life passes us by at a very fast pace and we, sometimes, take our loved ones for granted. 
                   I have learned to savor life and take advantage of moments like this. A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit us. That, too, was precious. We tend to see our parents as towers of strength and think that they will, always, be with us. My time spent with my parents, especially my mother taught me otherwise. I noticed my mom had aged and had trouble walking. Time waits for no one. 
                   Getting back to my time with my granddaughter, something touched me deep in my heart. I noticed the love she had for me. When she arrived to spend some time with me, she told me that she missed me. With that statement, she smiled and gave me a hug. The saddest part was that when the time arrived for her to leave, she started to cry and wanted to stay with us.
            As I meditated on this yesterday in prayer, I thanked God for the love that my granddaughter has for me. It was a touching and humbling experience. Then the Lord spoke to me and showed me that he loves me much more than my granddaughter. With that I wept. 
              Why did I wept? Because like my granddaughter, our Father wants to spend time with us! How many times we made God weep because we make excuses not to pray? How many times he wants us to be in his presence, yet we put other things before him?
                   We have yet to comprehend the love of God. When we do get a sample of it, nothing else will matter. Yes, I am for working a job and spending time with family, but we need to spend some time with the Father ---Knowing him, loving him and getting filled with his fullness.
                 The world is looking for answers. Some look for drugs and alcohol to fill that void,but when you fill yourself with the fullness of God, you got it all. In this day, let's spend some time with the Father. Ask him to show you his love and be able to comprehend it. As you begin to understand his ways, you will enter a new dimension. A new experience, second to none that will change your life forever! God bless. 

Prayer--Father, help me to prioritize my time. Forgive me for putting things ahead of you. Forgive me for being sidetracked when I should have been praying. Forgive me for having fallen asleep instead of praying. Help me to understand the love you have for me. Help me to walk in love, not only with you but with others, so then I can be filled with your fullness. In Jesus name---Amen! 

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