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Undo your future!



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                 Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy                     mouth. (Proverbs 6:2)

           Greetings. I want to call your attention to words. When it comes to words, people do not pay much attention to it. Some would joke around when they have a problem saying things like ---I feel a tumor growing or that tickles me to death. Friends, words have power and we need to take heed to how we talk.
          The famous Buddy Holly was joking around with a well-known country singer saying--"I hope your ol' bus freezes up." In response, the singer answered Holly--"Well, I hope your ol' plane crashes." We, all, know what happened---Buddy Holly's plane crashed and those words would torment that singer for years to come. 
         Why are words so important. Jesus said it in a nutshell---My words are spirit and they are life.(John 6:63) When you release words, good or bad, you are releasing spirits that will influence your course of life and even alter history. One case in point was the Jews. They had seen the miracles of Jesus. 
       Some may have even, felt, the presence of the Holy Spirit,yet their hearts were hardened. They were filled with hate and envy because of Jesus. When Pilate disputed about them concerning innocent blood, they said a statement that would impact their lives and change the course of history. Let's look at the verse below---- 
 Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children. (Matt 27:25)

          Those words opened the door to a curse. Not only were those people affected, but it paved the way for a curse upon them. All through the centuries, the Jews have been persecuted and killed by the multitudes. The blood that was meant to save them became a curse for them. 
          But not all is lost, the Jews as well as the Gentiles can come to Christ. They can have their future, as well as their destiny changed. Thank God, that he gives us a second chance. So, friend, stop foolish jesting. Start saying what God's word says about you.
              When you do this, you will be better off in the long run. Your words can affect your family and even change the course of history. Let us keep a watch over what we say. Tomorrow, I will continue this study in more detail. Be blessed and thank you for reading this devotional.  

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