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Find the missing piece!

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                                     For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? but we have the mind of Christ. (I Cor 2:16)

                                Life. It is full of mysteries and unanswered questions. Even Christian are at their wit's end trying to figure out what to do in life. While I do not have all the answers to life's problems, God's word does. Many Christians and Non-Christians have the mistaken notion that we have to take what life dishes out to us and as we hold on, we get to heaven and forget about the pains of the earth. 
                                Now, please do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that you will be problem-free. It is a fact that we live in a fallen world and problems are always going to hit you, sometimes, unexpectedly. What I am saying is that God has given us a battle manual, his word and it has the answers that you and I need in this life. 
                     In fact, when you made Jesus the Lord of your life, he, not, only saved you from death and hell but he gave you the anointing(power) to use to face the testings and trials of life. The word Christ is defined as anointing. A careful study of Acts 4:25-26 makes reference to PS 2:1-2. If you carefully look at the word Christ in Acts 4:26, it is translated as the anointed in PS 2:2. When you go to Isa 10:27, the anointing is defined as yoke breaking, burden removing power.
         To sum it up, Christ is the yoke breaking, burden removal power of God. A yoke is bondage to sin, sickness, debt, etc. A burden is stress,fear or worry. I Cor 2:16 says that you have the mind of Christ. Here is the icing on the cake, the word says that Christ has been made unto us wisdom. (I Cor 1:30) What is wisdom? Wisdom is the ability to come up with answers to life's toughest problems. 
         So, in essence, that means that if you are working as a janitor or CEO of a company, there is in you wisdom to, not, only be the best in your field but to come up with answers to problems in the workplace. An example was Joseph. His wisdom helped save a whole nation! So, friends, if you do not know what to do when problems hit you. If your back is against the wall, let the mind of Christ flow through you. You will be surprised at the answers that God will give you in life. 
     For all who contact me, I want to send you a gift. I want to send you a personalized prayer that will help you unlock God's secrets, mysteries and give you answers in life. If you are bored with your bible reading, now it's time for a change. Let it come alive and give forth answers to life's toughest problems.
          Also, if you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I have a special link for you below to start an exciting adventure in your life. Please contact me in my contact form. I want to pray with you.

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