Monday, September 14, 2015

Put God in remembrance!


 Greetings. Last time, we were studying about how the spirit is different from the soul. We saw how this principle is related to prayer and how we can hear from God through his word. (1) In this study, we will elaborate more on the mind and getting powerful results in prayer. Let's start with the following verse below... 

 Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.   (Isa 43:26)

 If you ever want to have powerful results in prayer, put God in remembrance of his word. Get familiar with his will and what is promised to you. Notice the last word justified in Isa 43:26. Always make sure in prayer that there is no sin involved. Confess it and get rid of it. Declare your position in Christ Jesus. Declare that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. (II Cor 5:21) When you declare who you are in Christ, sin will not have a hold on you. 
               That does not mean that you will not stumble. We, all, at one point, miss the mark and fall short. What that means is that we will grow stronger and go from glory to glory. When you get rid of your old habits, The Lord will show you other things that you were not aware of that are stumbling blocks in your life. When we reach that level, we are growing from glory to glory. 
                  A classic example were the Jews. They winded up in Egypt as slaves. Their lives were miserable. Why? Because they got comfortable in their prosperous lifestyle and got into idolatry. Even though God delivered Joseph from his dungeon and promoted him to the palace, he got into mixture by marrying a woman of Egypt. (Gen 41:45) Joseph was, also, into fortune telling. (Gen 44:1-5) Yet, in spite of this, God blessed him--What grace!
                   Nevertheless, brethren, sin has its consequences. As the years passed by, the Jews got deeper and deeper into idolatry and winded up as slaves to the Egyptians. (Lev 26:17) This resulted in years of bondage unto those that hated them but God had an ace up his sleeve. There were a couple of Jews who remembered God and his ways. Soon, they were bringing God into remembrance of his promises through prayer. 

 And I have also heard the groaning of the children of Israel, whom the Egyptians keep in bondage; and I have remembered my covenant.(Exo 6:5/Rom 8:26) 

What did God do? He was pleased! He saw that prayer was mixed with his promises and the word. I believe that he was laughing and having a joyous time. Why? He knew that his joy was about to deliver his people from bondage! (PS 105:43) Friends, two things to remember in this lesson. When you pray, put the Lord in remembrance. Pray his promises to him. Second, release the force of joy. Dance, jump up for joy and laugh. Even if you do not feel like it, do it anyway. As you lift up your sacrifices of joy, God will see it and a breakthrough will come your way. Remember, you are in covenant with God and God is laughing at your enemies. (PS 2:1-4) God bless! 


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