Monday, March 21, 2016

Fasting---A few thoughts to ponder ( Part 2)

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? (Isa 58:6)

                              In our last study of fasting, we saw four major points in this verse. We covered step one and saw how it helped save a nation during the time of Esther,the queen. If you missed our last study, check out the link provided below(1). Today, God willing, we will analyze the rest of the major steps. Let's review the other remaining major steps----                          

                          1- To loose the band of wickedness
                          2- To undo the heavy burdens
                          3- To let the oppressed go free                        
                          4- To break every evil yoke

                         In step 2, Fasting will undo the heavy burdens. What is a burden? A burden is a weight. It can be stress, anxiety, worries, cares, etc. It, also, implies a crushing. We, all, know what stress and worry can do for you. It's consequences on  health can be damaging, so the meaning of crushing is implied in a negative sense. Are you stressed out or worried? Fasting is a way for you to focus on the Lord and undo those burdens. The word says to cast your care upon him (Jesus), for he careth for you. It, can, also be a burden to pray for a nation or a loved one When we obey the leading of the Lord and undo these burdens upon him, miracles start to happen and you sense a peace within.
                        Step 3 is speaking of deliverance for the oppressed. Oppression is an annoying or constant attack from an enemy. It can be a nervous breakdown, constant mental harassment or a foothold that the enemy can have on a believer's life. It is a sad state of affairs when Pastors and leaders from the church are bound and oppressed by pornography but there is hope. Scripture teaches us that we have the mind of Christ. When we put on Christ, his mind and thoughts, we can have victory over oppression. Fasting is a strong tool to break those strongholds.

                                                       Example of a Wooden Yoke              

                                 Finally, step 4--Every evil yoke. What is a yoke? A yoke is a wooden or metal object (Picture above) in which two oxen were side by side plowing. They were forced to work the land for its master. The Christian was under the yoke of Satan but, now, through Christ, we have a different yoke. (Matt 11:28-30) A yoke can symbolize bondage, soul-ties or attachment. It can be sickness, debt or carnality. When you fast in faith, knowing what belongs to you,it can be a powerful tool for deliverance. It can destroy any yoke no matter how hard it can be! (Isa 10:27) Whether it be of wood(Carnality) or Iron (Satanic bondage, his unction(Power) can break any attachment to the enemies of our soul. (Jer 28:13)
                                 So, having this in mind--Fasting can be fun! Healing, peace and financial provision is yours but the most important of all, having the mind of Christ. When you have the mind of Christ and take upon his desires, you can rise up to be the victor God meant for you to be! God bless.

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