Friday, January 24, 2014

By my Spirit!

                                                             Gen Edmund Allenby

Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts. (Zech 4:6)

                       Last night, I was saddened by a remark from the Virginia attorney general. He stated that he favored Homosexual marriage and would be open to enforce it  as a right upon the population. Why was I sad? Because when I moved to Virginia 35 years ago, I found an oasis. Churches were springing forth and you could feel the spirit of God throughout the place. Somehow, as progress came to Virginia, so did complacency. Now, we are facing some serious family issues knocking on our doors.
                    I have read some posts in response to this issue. Some are getting discouraged with the ballot box and calling for bloodshed. Some are saying that a revolutionary war is about to take place. Beloved, please do not get duped into this mindset, for we are in a fight, but it is not with flesh and blood. I am convinced that what is about to happen in America is a great revival that will shake the White House and high government officials.
                     When a great move of God is about to take place, Satan starts to kill the little babies. Why? Because God has some champions in hiding. Take some time to read the accounts of the Jews in Egypt, when Pharaoh was killing the babies. What happened? Years later, Moses came on the scene and saved a nation. When Jesus was born, what happened? Herod tried to kill him. Sadly, in his mad search, he killed many innocent infants. Years later, God's champion surfaced and his name was Jesus. His teachings  has affected many nations until now!
               God's champions, in these days are coming out. They will shake this nation and others as never before. It may seem that the church has its back against the wall, but God is going to rise up and show himself strong! Last night, I was encouraged by God, as I sat pondering upon this nation's future. I thought about Gen Edmund Allenby. Gen Allenby was a strong Christian, raised up by a godly mother. Every night they would pray for Israel and the Jews. They prayed that they may return to their land.
                  Years later, Gen Allenby joined the British army. The Turks had occupied Palestine (Israel)for years. England was at war with Turkey. Allenby, being a Godly man, did not want to see any further bloodshed. The night in which his troops were going to invade that land, he spent the whole night in prayer. The next day, when he and his troops arrived, the Turks had fled. What happened?
                      It is believed that when the Turks heard the name "Allenby", it meant the scourge of God in their language.(1)This put fear in their hearts and they winded up fleeing Palestine. Beloved, can not God strike fear in his enemies here in our own back yard without bloodshed? Yes, he can. So, beloved, be not moved by evil tidings, but seek God's face. Let's learn to do warfare and see our God arise and his enemies be scattered. God bless.

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