Thursday, January 2, 2014

Money troubles!

Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (Matt 6:31)

           Money! Everyone needs it! In this age of unemployment and high inflation, one wonders how they are going to make it. Such circumstances can drive anyone to despair, but I have good news---God word provides some answers!
             First of all, if you are a Christian, the tithe is the very first step you need to take. Why? Because scriptures teaches us to give our firstfruits to the Lord. (Mal 3:10, Heb 7:7-9) It is amazing that a lot of Christians stumble over this. They reason that because they are in a age of grace, it is no longer required. That, my friend, is dangerous thinking. 
            It stands to reason that if the church stopped tithing, what would happen to the poor and widow? They need provision, too. Also, running a church is expensive and bills have to be paid. I know that many may not like this, but the tithes and offerings help pay the salary of the Pastor. (I Cor 9:14)
              If you are a Christian and are not tithing, start now. You may not, at first, afford the ten percent but don't give up. Take "baby steps" and watch God make a way for that ten percent. Then, as you start paying your ten percent, stretch out your faith and give a offering. The amount is up to you and God! Doing this will really set in motion the blessings of God in your finances. 
               Yes, at first, you may be tested. Some of you may, even, start to see things get worse---Friend, that is not when you want to give up! Whether you give money to the church or are confessing the word, you got to fight the good fight of faith! For more on faith, I suggest you read my teaching on pregnant faith.(1)
               Second, make sure you are hooked up with a good church and Pastor. A knowledgeable Pastor that knows how to pray can be your best friend in your trials and testings. Third, set some time for a study on finances. Write the promises of God concerning finances. Pray them over your situation and renew your mind. When you start to think about the problem, it get worse because now you are starting to worry.
                   When you worry, eventually what you think will come out. The word in Matt 6:31 says--Take no thought, saying....When you speak your fears and doubts, you are taking that thought. That thought will become a picture in your spirit and will give fruit to unbelief and defeat in your prayers. 
                So, friend, if you are going through some money troubles, make those adjustments. Above all, start to renew your mind with the word--Speaking God's promises with your mouth and form a picture in your spirit. As you do this, victory will, surely, come. Next week, I will share some more insights. God bless. 

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