Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Being effective in Prayer

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph 6:12)

                  Prayers! Everyone wants their prayers to be heard, especially those that involves our loved ones. The question to ask---How do we start being effective. First, in my past series of devotionals entitled "Don't miss out", we covered the area of praying in tongues. If you've missed any of these teachings, you can scroll down this website and study this interesting subject. 
            Praying in tongues is so important when interceding because the enemy is, also, trying something "new" to hinder us. It takes the Holy Spirit to help us stay ahead in the game. He helps us to pray. He helps us to solve the mysteries of prayer. 
             In Eph 6:12, we see the different classes of demon powers listed. They are the following--
       1- Principalities
       2- Powers
       3- Rulers of the darkness
       4- Spiritual wickedness in high places.
      We can have an extense Bible study on these four items listed above, but let's concentrate for now on the word Principalities. Principalities are the foremost person or leader of a group. Principalities denotes Satan's generals. When we pray for a nation, city or community, we need to identify the strong man.(Matt 12:29) 
       Daniel saw this principal in prayer. In fact, when Daniel set himself to seek God, it called attention in the demon world. Why?  Satan is not stupid. He knows the power of prayer. 
       Daniel was doing a parcial fast and praying. A fast is effective and can do serious damage to Satan and his kingdom. (Isa 58:6) In fact, Satan was so scared of what Daniel was doing that he sent one of his chief generals to stop his prayers.The word tells us that the prince of Persia went out to hinder Daniel's prayer. That means that the demon general that was influencing the king of Persia took a break from his function in government to hinder Daniel's prayers! It called attention to the world of darkness.
          What does that tell us? When we pray and fast, we will call attention to the powers of Satan! In fact, when you pray for your community,city or nation, you become a threat to Satan. If you notice what happened to Daniel, he found out, through an angel, the name of that principality. It was the prince of Persia. (Dan 10)
        Friend, we need discernment in order to, effectively, pray for those that have authority over us. It is necessary to identify the strong man so that we can be effective in praying for others. There are tools that God has given us in order to be victorious in battle. In this day, ask God to give you discernment in prayer, especially when interceding for those in authority. God bless. 

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