Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Identifying the Strong Man!

  Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he             first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.  (Matt 12:29)


             Greetings. In this devotional, I want to share some thoughts on identifying the strong man. In our Christian walk, we battle through strongholds in our life, family, community and nations. For a stronghold to function, it has to be run by a strongman. Previously, in our last studies, we saw how we can bind the spirit of the world and get our loved ones saved in the name of Jesus. We, also, saw how Daniel's prayers was hindered by the prince of Persia. Another strongman that was identified in prayer!
               Jesus used this principal when he cast out the spirit of the demon-possessed madman. He had, previously, commanded that spirit to come out and believe it or not, it refused to do so. (Luke 8:28-29) When you are casting out demons, they will fight you to the end. It wasn't until Jesus identified the strong man and commanded it to come out! (Luke 8:30) 
             Why was Jesus so successful in casting out spirits and doing miracles? He paid the price. He sacrificed some of his time in prayer, seeking God's face and fasted 40 days! Now, I am not telling you to fast 40 days, especially if you have some health problems, but in order to prepare yourself for the work God has called you, you need to set some time for him. There is a time of preparation in order to be effective in what God has called you to do.
                I have seen new believers in the Lord who mean well, but run ahead of God. They get a little revelation and think they know it all. To top it off, they start to see some shortcomings in their church and Pastor. Folks, remember there is no perfect church nor Pastor. We need each other. Other than preaching apostasy, if the church falls short---Stay there until you hear from God to go elsewhere.
           Soon, the new believer starts church hopping and is never stable. Then, he comes across a brillant idea---I am starting my own ministry. Doing that is a recipe for disaster. Friends, there has to been a season of preparation. A season in where other than seeking God, you submit to the authorities in the church and grow. 
          Remember, God does speak to man but he uses the church as the mother to nuture the soul. When you are planted in the church you need to be in, you are safe. God's grace will be upon you and it will restrain you from going back to the world. (Prov 1:8-9) Church is necessary for the body to grow and be prepared. Seek a church that believes in a God who is,still,alive. A place that believes that God, still, does miracles. As you do that, you will start being prepared in your calling and be effective. Tomorrow, I will share more on the strongman and pulling down strongholds. God bless.

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