Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pastor's notes---02/19/2015

                                           Have you been Hacked?
                    Friends, that is my question for the day. When we think of the word hacked, we assume that it is a computer issue but it involves more than that. Man is, always, trying to play God and we see it in the last days. I am a avid reader of technology. That subject never ceases to amaze me. Lately, I read something that confirms that we are in the last days.
                    As you well know, there are plans on the table to put a microchip underneath people's skin. In fact, in Europe the process has, already, begun and people are being open to it. The reasoning behind this is that important records will not be lost. The tragedy of 9-11 had people thinking about this. They reasoned--With a microchip under the skin, it would be easy to find the bodies. My friends, look for a big push in the future for that skin technology in America. I believe that it will come in the guise of entertainment and convenience. 
                          Many will be accepting of it especially when they say that your records cannot be hacked but do not buy into that lie. Recently, I read of a man who used the microchip technology to do something unusual. Through a series of experiments, the man made the rat's tail move. That is dangerous and many are calling it bio hacking. Think about it, if the government can implant microchips in your hand and head, they can, eventually, control your thoughts. 
                         I would elaborate more on this but my point is to make a spiritual analogy. If you read the accounts of the Corinthian church, you would see the Apostle Paul calling them out on the carpet for their carnal acts. In fact, there was another church that was in trouble with God because of mixture. The Galatian church had come back to the law and tried to get others to go with that mess. Paul calls their attention and says ----Who hath bewitched you? 
                             You would ask, why would Paul call their rebellion witchcraft? Simple. The word says the rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft! (I Sam 15:23) When a Christian starts acting carnal, his mind has been hacked by Satan, the world or the flesh. So bio hacking is not new, it has been in existence in the spirit. That is why Paul commands us in Romans 12:2 to renew our minds. Let us learn to keep our hearts and minds in Christ so that we may remain connected to the Lord. Take some time to meditate in the promises of God so that we may develop the mind of Christ. God bless. 
Prayer--Father, thank you for your word. Your word is life. Your word gives me wisdom. Help me to stay connected to you. In this day, I command all my thoughts, will and desires to stay in line with your word. I love righteousness and hate iniquity. I receive the oil of gladness in my life. I am a God pleaser and not a man pleaser. I will walk in your ways today because you live in me. I am more than a conqueror through him that loves me. In Jesus name--Amen. 
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