Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pastor's notes----02/25/15

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                                             Questions about God!

                               In life, When Christians share their faith, there is always the question--If God exists, why do we have evil rampant around the world? Recently, I read an article in which Larry King expressed unbelief in God. Two statements that he said was the Holocaust and why does a baby die. I am not a "know it all", but I can search for answers through the word. The word says---We have the mind of Christ. Christ has been made unto us wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to answer questions and solve problems. Before we proceed, let's get one thing straight. I like Larry King. I don't agree with some of his points of views but I find his talk show interesting, and,at times,entertaining.                
                                 To be fair, he had some legitimate questions. He questioned God for the evil that has been happening in the world. Why would a loving and all-knowing God allow evil. Well, if I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. King, I would invite him to be born-again. Without a born-again experience, what I have to say from the word of God would be gibberish and he would have a hard time understanding it. (I Cor 2:14)
                              Notwithstanding, I would give it a shot and show him where it all began, It began in the garden of Eden. Adam was given this world by God (Ps 115:16) God entrusted Adam with the care of this world. We, all know, what happened. Adam bowed his knees unto Satan with his disobedience and what was garden of Eden became a fallen world under the control of Satan,
                          Furthermore, Satan blinded men through sin that they could not come to God, Sin opens the door to disaster. Let's start with the Holocaust. Concerning the Holocaust, let me take you thousands of years back when the Jews said that the blood of Jesus be upon themselves and children as a curse. (Matt 27:25) Mr. King, God did not have anything to do with the Holocaust. The Jews,in their hatred of the Lord Jesus, pronounced a curse that would haunt them for centuries,
                           Concerning the fact that God would allow a baby to die. The word says that my people die for lack of knowledge.(Hosea 4:6) The answer to that is in the word. When people pray and follow the laws of faith, miracles happen. God, also, has a plan for his people--- the Jews. When God took Ezekiel and gave him a vision of the future, he took him to a valley of dry bones.
                                 Why dry bones? Because God knew in his wisdom that his people would pronounce a curse upon themselves, So, he spoke his word in these dry bones and created a miracle. His people became the nation of Israel. (Eze 37:1-14) So, if that is not cause for you, Mr, King, to believe in God, I don't know what it will take.
                                   Jesus is the answer to every problem and need. Jesus became the second and last Adam so that we can enjoy God's best on earth and be assured of our salvation. (I Cor 15:44-47, Deut 11:21) God had to respect man's decision to give this earth to Satan through free will. So, in his wisdom, God became a man through Jesus Christ to open the door to Salvation.
                              Yes, we will have problems. Problems are a fact of life, but the good news is that we can find the answers we need by having a born-again experience and studying his word. I pray that maybe this blog will find itself in your hands, Mr.King, and you will find God in your life before it is too late. To those who are born again, let us pray that Mr.King and others like him find out that God is real and loves them all.


(1) Permission was granted with the request to let all know that the copyright holder Angela George neither endorses nor agrees with the point of view listed above.

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