Friday, February 20, 2015

Pastor's post----Feb 21, 2015

                                    Wisdom and Revelation

Are you confused by life in general? Are problems mounting up so that you can't think straight? Well, today I have GOOD NEWS! GOD has not forgotten you. Many times, we think that all our problems can be solved by money or good health. We start to write God's promises on our notebooks and quote them all day long. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, that, alone is not the answer! We tend to put God in a box with a 10 steps program or fancy methods that can leave us frustrated or discouraged. What worked for a brother/sister will not necessarily work for you!
                     I am, not, against how to develop faith in simple steps or any methods of  any sort. They have their place! Truth be told, they have helped me understand faith and bring success to my life, but brethren, there is a place in which God gets us into a deeper revelation. When we are faced with our giants, you better not be caught using another man's armor. Use what God gives you.  Consider David when he faced Goliath! King Saul wanted to lend him his armor, but it did not fit him.
                  Instead, God showed David how to win this very important battle. He led him to fight with just a slingshot. Brethren, its time to grow up, seek God and fight our own battles of faith  by what God reveals to you!  Many times, we fight our battles with another person's revelation. Don't use another man's armor to fight your own battles of faith. Seek God and let him reveal to you the weapons necessary for you to win. Let's consider the following-

" Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." (Prov 4:7)

I remember hearing the story of a preacher who was a million dollars in debt in his ministry. He sought God and did not get an answer. As time passed, God started to direct him to sow to certain ministries who were poor and struggling. Afterwards, God rewarded him, reaping a harvest of a million dollars and he got out of debt. Then, God spoke to him. He told him that had he given him the money earlier without discipline, he would have dug a bigger hole and gotten into more debt. The thought for the day-Wisdom. Wisdom is key!

Prayer- Dear Lord, thank you for your word. Thank you for teaching me about wisdom. Father God, give me wisdom in whatever challenges I face in life. Open my ears and direct my steps. Show me areas in my own life in which I lack discipline and proper judgement. Help me to, not, rely on my own strength but on you. Thank you, Lord, for giving me wisdom today. Thank you, Lord, for taking me to the path for victory in my life. In Jesus name. AMEN!

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