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Pastor's notes---02/28/2015


                                     Don't get frustrated!
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                            Praying Revelation knowledge. 

                  I want to share some insights on the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. First, have you ever talked to a Brother/Sister that is in error? Have you ever felt like you are getting nowhere? It can be a frustrating experience. Sometimes, passions get out of hand and before you know it, you are saying something that you will regret later on. 
                  My friends, you can have scriptures ready and tear down arguments but if the brother/sister does not have a revelation, it will little or nothing at all. Take for example, the church at Ephesus. The apostle Paul had his hands full there. He left Priscilla and Aquila to start a church. What was the keys to Paul's success?
The first thing Paul and his team did was share the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. 
             Did you know that the church of Ephesus, which grew and impacted that area during that time had its issues? It took Paul and his team more than two years. It was during that time that Paul "rolled over his sleeves" and started teaching the word on a daily basis. Why? Because he had opposition. Mixture was coming in and confusing the people. (Acts 19:8-9) 
            Beloved, it is not wrong to confront and debate. We should do this but in the midst of this, we should add wisdom and understanding. The apostle Paul knew that to be successful, he had to get to the root of the problem. He sought the Holy Spirit for direction and prayed what is known as the prayer of Ephesians. (Eph 1:17-23, 3:14-21) 
            This is a powerful prayer. You can pray it over yourself daily as many times as you want. You can pray it before a Bible study. You can, also, pray it over others. When you confront a brother/sister who is in error and are not getting through, don't send them to the "pit of hell" and give up on them. Pray that prayer over them and watch God move! 
             Notice, Paul did not give up on the Ephesian church but prayed this prayer daily. What was the results? Things started to happen. Secret sins got exposed and mixture was dealt with. As a result of this---God's power got loosed on that church and town. The power of repentance came upon them because their eyes were opened. (Acts 19: 11-20) 
               Do we have mixture in the church? Yes. We may have some mixture inside that we are, not, aware of. Friends, pray the prayer of the Ephesians. Make it yours in prayer. Pray over it for your brethren, Church and Pastors. Before you know it, God will move in an amazing way for his glory. I have, personally, prepared that prayer in which you can pray this for yourself and others in the link provided below. God bless! 

Ephesian prayers---

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