Friday, February 20, 2015

Pastor's thoughts---Feb 20,2015

   Have a good laugh!
                     When was the last time you had a good laugh? This world is so filled with bad news that it is easy to have a negative point of view. The good news is that you can learn to have a good laugh. Years ago, in Argentina, people were at a church services spending some time laughing. The spirit of laughter started spreading over Canada and into the United States. The media jumped on this and called us crazy but God had the last laugh.
                       Scientist have, recently, discovered that if you laugh at least 10 minutes a day, your health will improve. In studies made in hospitals, it was discovered that when people saw comedy shorts, their health took a turn for the better. Friends, When you get into the spirit realm, laughter is the joy of the Lord and it is the power to make you free. Joy was the power that God used to set his people Israel free from Egyptian bondage. (Ps 105: 43) 
                      Joy is a powerful force and if you are born again, you have it inside of you. It is part of the fruit of the spirit. Are you feeling sad and discouraged? Start laughing at your circumstances because you have a Father that cares for you. He is laughing at your circumstances because he knows the end result--You are more than a conqueror! You are in covenant with him and your problems are his problems. (Ps 2:4, Ps 126:1-2)
                   Having financial troubles? Use the Isaac principle! Friends, the name Isaac means laughter in the Hebrew text. Sow with joy and laughter. As you do that, you will see your hundredfold return come unto you (Gen 26:12) Start sowing laughter and see how God blesses you. I, personally, get a "kick" when I make people laugh. I like to call myself the "accidental comedian", because I make people laugh without even trying and its by accident. When you spend time encouraging people and making them laugh, you will apply the Isaac principle and sow a hundredfold blessing for your life. God bless. 
Prayer---Father, thank you for teaching me about the joy of the Lord. Lord, I bring my problems, sorrows and tears and turn it over to you. You are in covenant with me. You are laughing at my problems because you know the end results.Restore to me that joy of my salvation. Help and teach me to develop Holy Laughter. I receive the joy of the Lord and I declare that I will not be moved. I will learn to laugh at my problems because you give me the victory. HA, HA, HA! Thank you, Lord for your deliverance and blessing today. In Jesus name--AMEN! 

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