Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pastor's thoughts---Feb 10, 2015

                             WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND?

While thinking on what to share on my post, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked--What's on your mind? As I read my face book posts from many well-meaning ministries, I hear the topic of repentance and holiness. Many times, I hear that we need to get back to preaching the cross. Many would say that all you see on TV is prosperity teachings and no preaching of the cross. With all due respect to my minister friends, Yes, I would agree that we have to repent. In some ways, we may have gotten off track but not completely.
Case in point, you will, always find ministries on TV that do preach the cross, among them, the 700 club. I work as a prayer counselor at the 700 club. I have seen the phones light up as soon as Pat or Gordon invite people to say the sinner's prayer. Also, Pat is not afraid to speak out against sin and the dangers that we are facing as a country. Many would agree to that but would question the endless telethons in raising money for TV stations.
Beloved, I, personally know that it takes money to air the gospel. I had a radio spot for 15 minutes more than twenty years ago. I, very rarely, spoke about money believing that it would come. Yes, a few funds came in but that was not enough to maintain my program. Within about 6 months, I was off the air. Why? Because I did not want to speak about money.
The Apostle Paul spoke about money (II Cor 9) as well as Jesus. Imagine if the Apostle Paul was raising funds for a TV station, would he been mocked? I, personally, get excited when I have an opportunity to give. Dr. Murdock, whose face we all see at late night, challenges people to give a $58.00 seed. I took his challenge and got blessed financially beyond my wildest dreams. I am not saying you ought to give $58 just to try it. You make sure you hear from God before you do.
The important thing is to partner with a ministry and support it. Do we need repentance as a body and walk in the fear of God? Yes, to some degree but let us not overlook what God is doing in our nation. Human nature is so used to bad news. I believe that as the body of Christ adjusts itself and seeks God's face, we will see a revival unparalleled in history with signs and wonders following. Many prophets predicts the year of 2015 as the year of push back. Let's pray for one another and be open to doing our part in pushing back in 2015! God bless.
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