Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pastor's thoughts----02/26/2015



                          " Not by might, not by power...."

                         That word came to my heart today as I pondered what to share. Lately, there has been a lot of talk concerning ISIS. Fears are abounding in this country especially at the prospect of ISIS invading Rome and advancing their cause. The main poster boy for this turmoil is Jihadi John, who has beheaded many on video. Recently, there is talk that he has been identified. Many are scratching their heads wondering if this is so, why have they not captured him so that they can bring him to justice?
                      Many of you reading this blog will find it hard in your heart to not love him. In fact, if hatred arises within you, it is easy to reason it away. From a Christian perspective, God's word says that he has no delight in the death of the wicked. (Eze 33:11)
God loves Jihadi John and many like him because they are blind and need deliverance. The apostle Paul was such a person. He would deceive Christians, then he would arrest them and sentence them to death. In fact, Paul calls himself the chief of sinners. (I Tim 1:15) 
                  As bad as we find these acts of burning and beheading, Paul says that he is the chief of sinners. So, if God can take one as Paul, turn him around for his glory and complete a good part of the New Testament through his letters, can you imagine what God can do if he gets a hold of Jihadi John and ISIS? My challenge to you as a Christian is to learn how to walk in love, pray for these and others like him who are doing these terrible acts. 
                  Spiritual warfare is incredible. We have just, barely,  scratched the tip of the surface concerning prayer. In the 80's, there was talk that we were going to see a nuclear war with Russia. What happened? Russia's economy went under and things started to happen. Religious freedom started to open up in that land and their satellite countries. Dictators were judged and God's word spread like wildfire. Why? Christians were doing battle in their prayer closet. 
                  Many would disagree with me but I really believe that World War II was won by prayer. The Germans had a well organized war machine and many battles were being lost in Africa and other important strategic places. It wasn't until the prayers of grandmothers and mothers who sent their loved ones to war began to turn the tide and gave the allies victory. You don't mess with a grandmother who knows how to pray! 
                     Friends, everyday, I am amazed at what prayers can do. Prayer is, just, more than talking to God. It prepares you for war in the spiritual realm. They can bless you in your health and finances but one thing we miss is the true meaning of our inheritance. Yes, finances and healing is a part of it but the major focal point is souls. In Psalms 2, the Father told Jesus--Ask and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance. (Ps 2:8) That means souls. If we are co-heirs with Jesus, we have the same right to ask God for souls!
               Does that mean that everyone will be saved? No, unfortunately, some will be so hardened that they will die and split hell wide open.Yet,we can fine tune our prayers and believe God for souls especially when it comes to our family and seed. I will discuss more on this at a later time. 
               My focus for now is to address prayer in this war with ISIS. I will begin to lift up Jihadi John and all who are deceived. Join with me and believe for a road to Damacus conversion for them. This day, put your problems aside and take some time to pray these people into the kingdom. Remember, they are your inheritance! God bless. 

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