Friday, May 18, 2012

Are you sensitive to the Lord?

Spending time with the Lord is so important, especially in this day and age. In some churches, we hear of testimony time and are taught that when something good happens, we need to testify. May I throw a monkey wrench? That is, not always, true. If you read the accounts of Jesus Ministry, he opened two blind men eyes! (Matt 9:30-31) To top it off, he sternly warned them to not tell anyone about this.
Now, why would Jesus say this? Because if you read the account of Luke 5:12-16, there was another instance in which the Lord performed a healing miracle and he told the man not to tell anyone. Again, we wonder why! Upon reading the end of Luke 5:15, he could not enter the city because of the multitude and withdrew himself. I believe Jesus was grieved. Why? Because his mission in life was to teach, preach and perform healings.(Matt 9:35) It is one thing to be healed, but it is another to stay healed.
Israel had so departed from God's covenant of healing(Exo 15:26) that when Jesus performed his miracles, they were amazed (Matt 9:33) The religious leaders had failed to teach them the covenant and were so distorted in their thinking that they called his miracles Satanic! Sounds familiar? Isn't it amazing that some churches teach that the age of miracles are past and that speaking in tongues is of the devil? My friend, that is standing on shaky ground! In this day, let us examine our hearts and learn to be sensitive to hearing the voice of the Lord!

Prayer-Dear Father, Thank you for speaking to me. Help me to hear your voice and to develop an obedient Spirit. Point out areas of unbelief in my life and when you use me, Lord, prepare me for any persecution that may come my way.
In Jesus name-AMEN!

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