Friday, May 18, 2012

Decision time!

       As I watched, in part, the State of the Union speech by President Obama, a few thoughts came to my mind.  Here before us is a man who is very important to us and the world. A man who is telling us what state we are in and his plans to fix it. Many will say that his way is the right way. Many will disagree. As the Republican primary comes to a close, there will be a lone candidate ready to challenge President Obama for the coveted title of President. He, too, will have a series of answers for this world's ills. As the months go by, we will be bombarded by ads telling us who should we vote for.
                       Much as I like Politics and current events, I have not been called by God to dabble in that area, but I do want to encourage you to vote. Soon, decision time will be here and who we vote in can either bless or curse us with their policies, but I want to take it to a spiritual realm. In this day, you will be faced with a series of decisions.
                        My question to you is-Have you heard God's State of the Union for you? God has a state of the Union in his word. His word is true and it will talk to you. If you are not saved or backslidden, it can be a source of bad news, nevertheless, much like President Obama did, God offers a series of solutions to fix it-but on a much better level. His State of the Union is to be unified to you through Jesus Christ. His word contains precious promises that can give you the answers that you need to be victorious in life.
                             So, I challenge you in this day. First thing in the morning, tune in the State of the Union in God's word and find out his will for your life. Decide to seek God's face early in the morning and choose life. It is a decision that can yield dividends that are out of this world. God bless.

Scripture reading-Deut 30:15; II Peter 1:1-4

Prayer-Dear Lord, Help me to hear your state of the Union for my life. Help me to understand my identification in you through Christ Jesus. Open my eyes to the precious promises for my life and help me to make the right decisions in my life and my family as well. In Jesus Name-AMEN!

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