Friday, May 18, 2012

Are you a worshipper?

Friend, If God were to appear unto you and say-What do you want me to do for you, today? What would be your answer? For the single person, a mate! For the poor person, money! For the sick, healing! All these are good and noble answers, but will it solve the problem? Maybe so or maybe not! Take for example, the poor person. He/She gets rich overnight and not using the money wisely will cause them destruction! (Prov 1:32)
One such person was put to the test-SOLOMON!. He was promoted into a position of great responsibility and yet, he did not allow the distractions of his job to pull him away from God. Solomon had proper time management and put his job on hold to worship God. Notice he did not go to the tabernacle with a list of petitions. His primary purpose was to worship!!
Brethren, please don't misunderstand me. It is not bad to ask God for things that we need or want, but we need to be careful. Too many of us see God as a Genie granting us our wishes and desires. So many of us are like the saying goes-MY NAME IS JIMMIE AND I'LL GET ALL YOU GIMME! When was the last time that you went before God just to tell him you love him? When was the last time that you spent with God just worshiping him!
Solomon worshiped God that night, but it doesn't end there. He sacrificed a thousand whole burnt offerings. I don't like to talk much about money, because it is a touchy subject, but I have to share what God is putting in my heart. Do you know how much a burnt offering cost? He sacrificed a thousand burnt offerings! That is mucho dinero! (Lots of money!)
Giving of your substance is a form of worship and if your heart is saved, so is your wallet. We have to learn how to give however the Lord directs us to give. Can you imagine if someone in Solomon administrative staff said-"Sire, that is too much money!" No! Solomon did not care and gave liberally. Can you imagine that scene? Blood all over, not to mention the work attached to it. All of a sudden, that very night, Solomon had an unexpected visitation from God himself which changed his life. Let's not undermine the power of worship in our prayers.

Prayer-Dear Father, help me to become a worshiper. Help me to forget myself and put you first in my life. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for your love. Thank you for having mercy towards me. In Jesus name-Amen.
Scripture study-II Chron 1

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