Sunday, May 20, 2012


Abraham was tested for 25 years in waiting for God to fulfill his promise. When he was 100 years old, he saw the fulfillment of that promise. It would be logical to think that Abraham deserved a break. Deserved to enjoy God's blessings, but wait! Another test was on its way, and it was going to be harder than the previous one. In this Bible study, we are going to see how God prepared his servant to face the biggest test of his life. In Gen 22, we see how this chapter starts with God calling his servant. Remember this, Abraham had experienced a break, a rest in his life. His struggle, up to now, was over. He had a son Issac and had enjoyed years of joy, fun and fellowship. Brethren, believe it or not, there is a time of rest in our trials and tribulations. but, now, the stage was set. Abraham was going to face the biggest challenge of his life. Then, as we read on, We find God's purpose for Abraham-Sacrifice your son, your only begotten son Issac as a burnt offering. I think to myself, maybe, if Abraham knew what God was up to-He wouldn't have been eager to say-"Here I am!" Which bears to mind this-WE NEED TO CONSIDER THE COST OF FOLLOWING JESUS! Tests and challenges are going to cross our paths! Are we ready for it? Abraham was ready-Praise God! What Abraham did in passing this test, not only elevated him to the hall of faith of Hebrews 11, but helped usher in Salvation for all of us!


Notice what Abraham said in Gen 22:5! He said that he was going to worship and come back with the lad!!! Why did Abraham say this? My brethren, 25 years in the wilderness were not in vain. Abraham had been to the school of faith and had passed the first test. Now, he was prepared for the greatest test of his life. If you read and study Heb 11:17-19, you will see why Abraham was not sad. Abraham had faith. Why? Because God had made a covenant with him. God told him that his seed was going to be as the dust of the Earth. He knew that if he had to sacrifice his son, he would believe that God was able to raise him from the dead! Glory to God! But, that is not all, As you read Gen 22, Issac did not know that he was going to be the sacrifice. Once they reached the mountain, he did not see the animal for the sacrifice and Issac inquired about that. Abraham answered that God would provide a lamb for the sacrifice! Wait a minute, I thought Issac was the sacrifice!

The lamb that Abraham was speaking was Jesus. Issac is a type of Jesus who submitted to his father God. Abraham was willing and ready to sacrifice his only son. Thank God that an angel stopped him. Nevertheless, God was pleased! Why? Because he saw it done. Just as Abrahma was going to lower the knife, God saw it finished. He received Abraham's sacrifice as done! Why? Because, again it is symbolic of Christ and his substitutionary sacrifice! Jesus is the lamb that was prophesied of Abraham thousands of years before it even came to pass. What Abraham did, not only got him into the book of Hebrews, but brought Salvation to us all! Glory to God! Brethren, if we walk in the fear and admonition of God, we are going to be tested, but rejoice, God is writing a book on you. (Mal 3:16) Let us serve God and be faithful. Our acts of obedience might affect a generation of people and make an impact! Let make an impact for Jesus today!

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