Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lessons from the fig tree-Part 1!

And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind." (Rev 6:13)
                   Jesus used analogies of nature to illustrate a spiritual principle. The word of God tell us that he that winneth souls is wise. (Prov 11:30) When sharing Jesus to others, it pays to be sensitive to the Spirit and find out what interests the person have. Take for example-Farmers! For Farmers, Jesus would compare seedtime and harvest to a spiritual principle. For Fishermen, like Peter, he would talk about catching fish and making him a fisher of men. In this season of SUPERBOWL, it pays to mention something relating to it and applying it to a spiritual principal, especially when you are sharing Jesus to a Football fan.
                    People's attention span is only a few seconds. If within this time frame, you didn't retain their attention, you've lost your audience! As a preacher, I have noticed that it pays to get their attention by any means possible to drive home a point. Sometimes, I would have someone read out loud a verse to make sure they are awake. Other times, I would pick someone out to illustrate a point. Making them wonder what your next move is would keep them alert and more apt to receive God's message.
                 A fig tree has a lot to teach us. Without going into prophecy, I want to share how this applies to us. God's word compares men to trees.(Mk 8:24/Isa 61:3) We are commanded to give fruit unto God. Notice how a wind manages to shake away unripe fruits? The word says that doctrines can be winds. What tradition or doctrine is preventing you from giving full fruit to God?
                 Is it Healing? Have you fell for the lie that it is not God's will to heal you? Are you going by what you see or feel, instead of looking unto God's word? Have you fell for the lie that you are a worm and a sinner saved by grace? The word says you are a new creation. Either you are saved or not! There is no such  time as a sinner saved by grace. Recently, we had a famous preacher saying that Mormons are saved! Take heed and do not be deceived. Mormons may do good works and may mean well, but their doctines are not in line with God's word. 
                     Brethren, I have seen how many of God's people have departed from Revelation Knowledge. (I Tim 4:1) We are in the last days. Don't allow winds of doctrine to steal your fruit. If you guard it and allow it to grow, you will be blessed beyond measure! God bless and more to come-God willing! 

Prayer-"Dear Lord, give me revelation knowledge of your word. Help me to find areas in which I am lacking in fruit unto you. Give me grace and the knowledge to correct these areas. I am a tree of righteousness and I will give good fruit unto you today because I love righteousness and hate iniquity. Thank you for speaking to me today. In Jesus Name-Amen

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