Sunday, May 20, 2012

What are you doing with your keys?


                  "...behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys                                  of hell and of death."  (Rev 1:18)

                 As I was studying Revelations 1:18, the Holy Spirit led me to do a study on keys. In this time and age, everybody has a key. A key to a house or a car, but in biblical times, a key was symbolic to authority. Jesus has the keys, which symbolizes authority The good news is that he shares those keys with us---The bride of Christ! The word of God says that we are joint heirs with Jesus. A joint heir is compared to a wife.
           We, need to understand the meaning of covenant. When you get married, you are entering into a covenant. Society has cheapened the concept of marriage to an all time low. As a consequence of this, it has lost the true meaning of it. A marriage is when you learn to share all things with that special person, including your innermost secrets and possessions.
                  Jesus shares his secrets with his church. We are the church! When the husband has the keys to the house or car, he shares it with his wife. Jesus has the keys! The keys to life, the keys to healing,as well as the keys to hell and death! The word of God says that he has given us authority to thread on serpents and scorpions. (Luke 10:19) We can use the keys that he has given us to pray for our loved ones salvation.
           Keys can be used to bind or loose from bondage. When you were bond in biblical times, you were in chains. Praise God, he has loosed us and set us free from sin, the world and death! To add the icing to the cake, he gave us the keys. John 10:9 says that he is the door and we enter in. Those keys that were given to us, opens the door to salvation! 
          Friends, Salvation is,not,just being free from hell, but it is more than that. The Greek work "Soteria" defines it as healing, preservation  protection and financial provision. How do we use those keys? Our keys are in our tongues. The book of Proverbs defines the tongue as life and death. These keys that can, either, open doors of blessings or curses in our lives and others. So, in this day, let us learn to use, wisely, the keys that our Lord has instructed to our care. 

Scripture reading: James 3

Prayer: "Heavenly, Father, Thank you for speaking to me through your word. Help me to use my tongue wisely. I commit before you, Lord, with the help of the Holy Spirit to control my tongue. Help me to think before I speak. Lord, I speak death to sickness, poverty, the works of the flesh and lack. I speak favor, strength, peace and wisdom in my life. Thank you, Lord, for teaching me on how to use my keys today, in Jesus name. Amen" 

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