Thursday, May 10, 2012

Knowing the real Jesus!

                                          Terry Santos is the wife of Pastor Angel "Caleb" Santos and is
                                          an ordained minister. Married for 32 years, she is the proud mother
                                          of 4 boys and 3 grandchildren.

                                           "  Jesus wept" (John 11:35)

                    Greetings. Here in this verse, we are reminded of the humanity of Jesus. Yes, a short verse but saying a lot. As he wept, he showed his love and concern for his people. Yes, he was God almighty, but he was a man. He had feelings and emotions just like we do! Why did he wept?
                    Maybe it was for the people's hopelessness! Remember he came to his friend Lazarus burial. It was a sad time and his sisters were devastated. Perhaps he wanted to identify with their pain.(Rom 12:15) Whether you believe it or not, Jesus identifies with your pain. We should too, when we comfort our brothers and sisters. 
               In Luke 19:41, Jesus, also, wept. Why? Because the people were in a mess. If you read Luke 19:41-44, he was weeping at their destruction.  He was weeping because they were spiritually blind. It was because of their blindness that they were giving a foothold to the enemy to destroy their city and family. Many times, we are quick to blame God for destruction and tragedies when it can come from sin and a hardened heart. Jesus weeps for us and wants us to choose life. Choose life today, heaven will have a party and you will see that to taste the Lord will be the best thing in your life. God bless. 

Prayer--Dear Lord, Forgive us if we have grieved the Holy Spirit. Help us to have the mind of Christ. Help us to have right priorities in our lives. We declare that we love righteousness and hate iniquity. We declare that Christ is made unto us wisdom. We receive your wisdom for all the issues in our lives and declare that you are glorified in all we do. Thank you, Lord, for correcting and loving us. In Jesus name...Amen. 

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