Thursday, May 10, 2012

What are your priorities?

            For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always."                                     (Matt 26:11)

                  As we study this verse, we find that Jesus was establishing priorities! In this fast paced world that we live in, we find that time management is of essence. Time waits for no one! We can plan and get into a routine, but sooner or later, the Lord throws a "monkeywrech!" For example, you go home after a hard day's work. You might spend some time with the family, see a little TV, pray and go to bed!
                  All of a sudden, you can't sleep. You're not worried that your bills aren't paid, because your trust is in the Lord. You have a good conscience before the Lord, yet you can't sleep. An image of your son's face comes to mind, but you want to sleep.
              Then, you find out that your son was involved in a car accident. The grace of God, may have, prevented him from being killed-But, God was calling you to pray for him. We can't put God in a box. Being sensitive to the Lord is essential to make it in the end times.
                         In Matt 26:11, we see a change. Jesus was given an expensive perfume. This perfume was poured on his head.It was of such high quality that its smell was spread all across the room. The disciples expressed their disgust and wanted to use that money to help the poor. Jesus told them the ministry to the poor can wait and that this was more important!
                         Brethren, its not that Jesus did not care for the poor, but he considered this woman's act important! This ministry was preparing him for his burial! Did you know that giving is a ministry? I marvel at all the attacks that come to any Pastor when he/she asks for money! The mocks and jeers of the world can get you thinking before you give. You've got to die to the world's pull. 
                 This illustrates a few things. First, Jesus was not POOR! Here we see that he used a high priced "Cologne." What is your reaction when you see the Pastor using a high priced cologne? Would your church be willing to bless the man/woman of God buying them a high priced cologne/perfume? 
                    We need to honor those in ministry. The laborer is worthy of his/her hire. Take some time to bless your Pastor! Pray for them! They have a hard job and they watch over your souls. Honor those in ministry and God will surely bless you! God bless! 

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