Friday, May 18, 2012

How is your memory?

 " Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits" (Ps 103:2)

                   In this day, you need to ask yourself-How is my memory? Did you know that there are people who are making money out of memory lane? You can turn to any cable channel at late night and find the hits of yesterday? Hard to believe but it is true, people are willing to pay some money to go back in time and remember the good old days. But, allow me to not only let you go back in time but to offer an answer to all your problems based on God's word and you know what? It won't cost you a red cent!
                     If you read Ps 103, you will find memory lane. A time when God has healed and delivered from destruction!
Many of you reading this may be headed to some sort of financial destruction, go back to the time when God had delivered you! Many of us forget the times when God has delivered us in the past. Remembering those past victories and singing praise and worship will stir up your faith. It will awaken a sleeping giant inside of you and you will find yourself experiencing greater victories ahead!
                            The disciples were guilty of this. They had forgotten to take some bread and when Jesus was teaching them some deep spiritual principle, their minds were off on their needs. How many times have you found yourself in church, the Preacher preaching the word to help you out and your mind wanders? I think we have, all, been guilty of that one way or another. If you read Matt 15:5-12, Jesus had to take them to memory lane to not only address their problem but to jolt their minds to receive revelation knowledge which was beware of false doctrines. 
                               Brethren, I cannot stress the importance of being in a good church. Make sure you have some good teachings because in the long run, the revelation knowledge of the word can mean the difference between victory or defeat, life or death. Are you in a bind? Sick and frustrated? God's word has all the answers you need. Go to God's memory lane, get strengthened with the Spirit of joy and watch God add another notch to your list of victories!! 

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