Friday, May 18, 2012

Wisdom is the principal thing!

In our last study, we saw the importance of being a worshipper. This time, we will take it up a notch or two and look at the importance of wisdom. As I, previously, noted, Solomon was a worshipper and something happened that would affect his life. He had offerred a thousand burnt offerings and worshipped the Lord. That night, the Lord appeared unto him and said the following- " .... Ask what I shall give thee." (II Chronicles 1:7)
Notice that Solomon had his priorities right. He was given an awesome responsibility and that was a kingdom of a multitude of people. He was not selfish, but had others needs above his own. As you read the rest of the story, you'll see that he asked for wisdom and knowledge.(II Chron 1:10-11) Oh, that our political leaders would seek God for wisdom and knowledge! Saints, we need to pray for our leaders because in the long run, it will benefit us..." When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn" (Prov 29:2) It is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it is righteous men and women who are filled with the wisdom and understanding of God to govern this nation!
When righteous men/women of God rule, we will have laws that are just. When the righteous rule, the nation will be blessed. We need to get rid of the idea that Christians do not have a voice in the government. God wants the righteous to rule. Take for example-Joseph! He was used of God to help deliver a nation from starvation. (Gen 41) God had taken him from the prison to the palace, so don't tell me what God won't do. America not only needs leaders who are righteous, but that, also, have a " Joseph" spirit.
When leaders arise with a "Joseph" spirit, The economy will be fixed, health care will be taken care of and unemployment will cease. The world is looking for answers and, friends, God's word has the solutions to many of our nations woes, but it will not come until the church repents and starts to find out who they are in Christ and what belongs to them!

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