Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Give us our daily bread!

                    When we think of this, we think of food. If you are like me, I enjoy having a nice piece of bread, especially when it is fresh and out of the oven. You add some butter and coffee and this meal is fit for a King or Queen, but as we look at Matt 6:22-What does Jesus means by the word BREAD? Bread can mean physical food! A lot of us are blessed and have never been to a country where food comes in limited quantities or is not,readily, available. That is why it is important to pause and give thanks for the meal provided in this day!
                    It can, also, mean Revelation Knowledge. In our last study, Jesus told his disciples to watch for erroneous doctrines. Religious doctrines and traditions of men can hinder our walk and starve us in a "Spiritual sense!" Bread is one of the elements of communion and it pays to give careful attention to it. 
Jesus referred to bread as the food of the children. If you are a child of God, it is your right to be healed. I am amazed at the many people who contend and even try to show you in scripture that it is God's will for you to be sick. Nothing could be further than the truth! What good Father won't give his children food. In fact, we have laws that put Fathers who are not providing food for their children!
           How much more should we expect from our heavenly Father!(Matt 15:22-28) Also, bread can symbolize financial need.(Ecc 11:1) It is amazing how backward we are in the body of Christ when it comes to money. It is, not, wrong to ask God for money. God is, not, against us having money-HE IS AGAINST MONEY HAVING US! That is why, it is so important to remember the element of bread, especially when we have communion. We need to think and remember his covenant promises. The word says--DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME! (Lk 22:18-20) So, in essence, bread is whatever you stand in need of! If you are a child of God, stand firm in the word and know that we have a Father who wants to meet our needs. 

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