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A look at Biblical finances!

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As a minister, I have seen many Christians go thru financial lack. Lack of finances has strained relationships. They have broken up marriages. Many have winded up with health problems because of the lack of finances. I am burdened for these precious saints, and I wish that I could write a check to cover all of these needs, but I can't. I can, nonetheless, provide some thought on how to deal with testings in this area.


Our Lord Jesus, believe it or not, suffered from financial lack. He was asked if he paid taxes. (Matt 17:24) The good thing about Jesus is that he knew where to get the money to pay his taxes. He told Peter to pull up the first fish, and there, he would find the money to, not only, pay his taxes but Peter's. (Matt 17:25-27)
Yes, there are times when the word says that men will give to our bosom if we give to the Lord. I agree with that and have seen it happen in my own life, but sometimes, we have to go get it. The word says the principal thing is Wisdom.(Prov 4:7) Wisdom is the first thing we should seek God for in prayer. Sometimes, our circumstances can, so, overwhelm us. When this happens, we need to take a deep breath and be calm. The next step is to start to seek the Lord for wisdom.


Many Christians fail to see the importance of tithing. The Tithe is a commandment of the Lord. Many a Christian justify themselves and make excuses. They overlook this very important commandment. In Malachi, chapter 3, we see how God demands this act of obedience from his people.
I will take this a little further! Upon reading Malachi 3, you will find God saying that his people have robbed him in TITHES AND OFFERINGS! Not only is the tithe important, but the offering too. When you read the accounts in the Old Testament, God told his people not to come to him empty-handed! Let's establish one thing-Tithing is mandatory, but the amount of the offering is left up to the Believer. (II Cor 9:7)
Why give? So, that there may be money available to supply the needs of the church. Not only is the church responsible to support their Pastor and leadership, but to help others in need. Reading the book of Acts, we saw how the church had its needs supplied because the people gave liberally. Tradition says that the church was poor, but God's word says the opposite.
I know of a Pastor of a big church, who not only, helps his flock financially but has helped employ people of his own church creating businesses. The true church is supposed to be the answer, not the problem. Too many bad apples has misappropriated the churches funds and have given Christianity a bad name. Thank God that we still have honest and upright ministers that try to help others and make a difference.


This may come as a shock to you, but stop blaming GOD!! He is not to blame for your problems. Who's to blame? First, ourselves. Sometimes, we confuse our feelings for God and wind up making the wrong decisions in life. For example, we see an ad promising a quick pathway to wealth. Then, we see how that company pressure us by saying that this is a limited time offer. We pray about it and charge the card without really hearing from God. Months have passed by. What happened to that promise of wealth? You have been duped and out of money!
The word of God says that all of God's promises are Yea and Amen. (II Cor. 1:20) God has given us precious, and wonderful promises to get us through the testings of life. Bear in mind Malachi 3, when he says that he will open the windows of heaven! They are ours, but we have to learn how to possess them. Are you possessing God's promises? God willing, we will do some more studying on this important subject.

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