Sunday, May 20, 2012


Ask yourself this question? Where am I? As I studied the word, I found that there are 3 levels of faith. The following as follows

1-No faith

2-Little faith

3-Great faith

All of us at one time or another have been at one of these levels. In life, God takes us to the "school of faith" to teach us. We are all going to make mistakes, but it is what you do afterwards. Will you take this as a learning experience or will you keep making the same old mistakes.

No Faith

Faith is absent in an atmosphere of fear and unbelief. In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus spoke some words to his disciples-LET US GO TO THE OTHER SIDE! What happened? After sailing awhile in the sea, they were met with terrible weather conditions. If any of you seen any of the episodes of Dealiest Catch, you can appreciate and understand why they would be afraid. They woke up and told Jesus the following-CAREST THOU NOT THAT WE PERISH?" Evidently, they forgot the words of Jesus-LET US GO TO THE OTHER SIDE! They had fear and Jesus rebuked them for having no faith! (Mark 4:40)


Little faith starts something, but does not finish it. Peter walked on the water. Why? Because Jesus said-COME! That was not your ordinarily four letter word. It had power, and it made Peter to walk over the waters, but it was not to last. Peter fixed his eyes on the winds and circumstances and he, gradually, began to sink. You can start off like Peter, strong in faith, but if you are not careful and fix your eyes on the circumstances-You; too, will start to sink. One thing Peter had-LITTLE FAITH! The rest of Jesus disciplines stayed on the ship.(Matt 14:23-31)


Takes God at his word. The centurion's servant was sick. He came to Jesus to ask him for help. Jesus was willing to go to his house, but the centurion say just say the word. (Luke 7:5-9) Great faith takes hold of the word. God has given us his word. Take hold of his word and promises. Don't allow the circumstances of life rob you from getting God's best for your life. God bless.

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