Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Battle of the Mind!

                                SATAN IS AFTER YOUR MIND!  Why, you might ask? Because if you are a believer, the word says that you have the mind of Christ. You are a threat to him as long as you have the mind of Christ. Maybe you don't feel like it or it could be that you haven't made wise choices, but,  yes, you do have THE MIND OF CHRIST!
                     My question to you is- HAVE YOU ACTIVATED THE MIND OF CHRIST TODAY? In order for you to enjoy the benefits of the mind of Christ, you need to activate it. The word of God says to call those things that are not as though they were! (Romans 4:17) I have Good news for you! You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! You are more than a conqueror! 
                Many in the body are wrestling with habits, vices and bondage. There are a great numbers of Pastors that are bound in pornography! Many are bound to the spirit of worry! TV and other media have, for years, programmed our minds to think like the world and mind renewal is a much neglected subject in the body of Christ. 
            The secret is knowing what you have and practicing it daily. Many want to do a work for Christ, but they do it in the flesh, not realizing that the Holy Spirit is there to help us. Spend some time renewing your mind. See yourself walking in victory over these stumbling blocks. Don't go out and save the world without equipping yourself first. 
                It has grieved me to see many in the body put off these teachings. They equate mind renewal with new age, but upon looking at Phil 4:8, the word is telling you what to think about. It is, without a doubt, that when you think of something, you see an image. Meditation is not new age, it was taken from the word, twisted and turn into a counterfeit!
                   Brethren, we are in a battle and it is in the mind. II Cor 10:4-5 says it all-Casting down imaginations....bringing into captivity every thought. This is a real battle and my question to you is-ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT?

Scripture reading: Jer 29:10-11/Romans 12:1-2

Prayer-"Dear Father God, thank you for your promises. Forgive me for having thoughts that are not pleasing to you. Wash me with your blood and restore me.  Thank you that I have the mind of Christ. I call those things that are not as though they were and I say that I have the mind of Christ. I command every thought, will, desire and emotion to line up with the word of God! I walk in victory and all your promises are mine. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and today is a new beginning in my life. In Jesus name. AMEN! "

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