Friday, May 18, 2012

The importance of spiritual bread!

" Then Jesus said unto them, Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees."
(Matt 16:6)

My question to you is-What kind of bread are you eating? No, I am not talking about natural bread, but spiritual. If you notice when studying about the Old testament prophets, they would use natural things to foretell spiritual things.(I Sam 15:27-28) Jesus applied this same principle when addressing this problem. The disciples were so focused on their lack of provision that they missed the point that Jesus was trying to make.
Let's not make the same mistake. God is speaking to his body, too. We need to be careful what we are listening to when a spiritual leader is bringing the word. Recently, I heard a well-known preacher who I highly respect, say something that left me feeling disturbed. He was expressing concern over Unity in the body. I am for Unity, but what was then said, left me feeling very perturbed. He said that we need to be unified regardless of doctrines. Brethren, I realize that churches have different doctrines and sometimes, we fight over things that are not an heaven or hell issue, but in the long run, doctrines do matter.
Back in the '80's, the body of Christ united and we saw a tremendous move in this country with Washington for Jesus. The United States was going down the tubes, but when the body woke up and stood against unrighteousness, we saw change. This was great until some had the "bright" idea of uniting the body under the leadership of the Pope. Brethren, hear my heart, I am not against Catholics, because some are saved and love the Lord, but I am against the doctrine that can damn any soul be it Catholicism or otherwise. Some stood against this and were deemed as outcast.
Now, we are seeing this same spirit of compromise surface up when a famous spiritual leader said that Mormons are Christians. God is not only asking for Unity, but he is asking for Holiness. In this " politically correct " society, there are few church leaders that are actually saying Jesus is the way. It is hard to find preachers on TV who teach against sin and preach holiness. We need to see what kind of bread are we eating!
While I thank the Lord for men and women of God teaching on faith, healing and prosperity, we need to always remember the heart of God. He wants a holy people for himself to use to carry the message of the cross to a dying and hurt generation. If we start making compromises and being blind to the word, we would have lost our flavor. God has called us to be salt and not sugar coat the gospel.

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