Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thoughts to ponder!

In Ephesians 2, we talk about being saved, soley by the Grace of Our Heavenly Father, with absolutely no works being considered. I think about this sometimes because there are many, including myself at one time, who think that as long as they are "good people" and don't do anything terrible, like a major crime, if they are generally "nice" people, they'll be ok. Ephesians 2 makes it very clear that it is by His grace we have been Saved, if our Lord, God Almighty has sent his beloved Son, Jesus, down to this earth, to walk for 33 years, never doing anything to please himself, or give into the lust of the Flesh, or the lust of the eyes. Our Lord Jesus, was all about the Father's business, showing pure Love, miraculous healings, Glorifying the name of his Father in Heaven. Jesus after walking his whole life, 33 years, then suffering a horrible death in which he became a curse for us, every single thing we've said, done, thought, our sicknesses, diseases, etc, he bore it all on the cross that very day. That being said, we must think again about our "Righteous acts", they are merely as filthy rags, nothing compares to the Blood of Jesus which was shed, the Heavenly Father, giving up and sacrificing His very own Son just so he May gain the Love of his People through His GRACE.
We can spend our entire life trying to live "just" and as "Great people" in our eyes, but the fact is, it is by the Grace of God, by the Blood of Jesus, by the repentance of our sins, and the forgiveness of the Father that, then, and only then are we Saved! Saved in every way! Saved from this Life, bound by sin, and death but alive in spirit, no longer prisoners of Evil, and seated in Heavenly places with our Lord, only by Grace. Praise God, your Grace has set us free!
Written by: Kristy "Highly favored" Dearce

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